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Congratulations! You've reached the final page of our application process. Since we are only looking for the best and most persistent writers, this simple process allows us to eliminate those who cannot or do not want to follow instructions. I've personally been writing for more than 15 years now and I'm very excited about the prospect of having you on our team!

- Gabe Arnold
Founder, Copywriter Today

You've made it here and you should be proud of yourself. Only about 10% of applicants make it here. Here are the remaining tasks we need from you and then we'll reach out if we're ready to have you start with our team.

Please note that our Copywriters can earn between $300 - $800 per week depending on their requested workload. There are flat-rate tasks and there are also larger projects that can lead to 10-30 hours per week of work at times.

Your application will be assessed based on the responsiveness and attention to detail when following the instructions. If you have questions about this process or get stuck with anything, please send a clearly stated question to [email protected].

Here are the final steps:

  1. Review this document and choose two 400-word articles to write about.
  2. Keep this page open or bookmark it and write your articles right now or as soon as possible within the next 24 hours.
  3. Be sure to format the document according to our policies manual.
  4. Complete the form below and submit your document.*

This form is submitted directly to our operations manager and me personally. I'm looking forward to reading your document!

*Submitted sample articles are used for writer review. We hire writers based on the quality of their writing. Please note that, once submitted, these sample orders will be owned entirely by Business Marketing Engine/Copywriter Today. They may be used for training purposes or as sample pieces on our website. Submitted sample articles will never be sold or given for client use.

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