Why Your Business Needs to Consider LinkedIn Marketing Practices

by Gabe Arnold

Millions use LinkedIn everyday– businesses, professionals, societies, charities, the list goes on. This website goes far beyond networking, to allow for so much more: create discussions, advertise, create content, blog, host events, and so much more. So if you aren’t using LinkedIn to market for your business, you’re doing yourself a disservice. A coordinated LinkedIn marketing plan can help to bring down your overall marketing costs because of the way it helps you to target your audience. It’s no surprise, then, that B2B businesses benefit the most from the tools on offer, but don’t think that it can’t work for anyone.

Business today is run on connectivity and LinkedIn allows you to connect to people you might not otherwise reach, on a different level than most other social media sites. Because LinkedIn is based on professionals and professional development, it’s the perfect place to find like minded people who will benefit from what your company has to offer. LinkedIn is all about personal branding to help promote businesses and professionals. So it’s the perfect place to establish your business as an expert in its field. You can use groups on LinkedIn to expand influence and credibility and to get more followers, as well as gaining exposure and disseminating information about your brand and expertise.

LinkedIn allows for trending topics to be highlighted within their categories. So a post that is doing well could end up going viral. This will help you avoid the “hard sell” and instead be “discovered” in a way that can naturally and easily convert to customers. It starts with connections that build into relationships. These in turn lead to more connections and more relationships. Isn’t that what networking is all about?

Besides expanding your audience, you can use LinkedIn to target your audience, as well as to help narrow down the pool of candidates for direct marketing or “warm calling”, this is where you first look up what connections you might have with the person you intend to call. This is where having clearly defined and easily recognizable branding can make a huge difference. Which is something that LinkedIn excels at getting across, since that is basically what the profiles come down to: personal branding (or corporate, as the case may be). Custom URLs help with this, as do the sponsored updates, where companies can push their post to the front of the line for a customizable list of viewers (like people with certain job titles, from certain companies, with certain skills, or who belong to certain groups).

Still not convinced?

  • It’s more effective than Facebook for reaching businesses and executives.

    Social media is anything but social for many who use it for work. Companies and executives top the list of work related networkers. So why would you go to Facebook, which is for lives outside of work, to reach someone about something that pertains to the working world?

  • It’s the most effective way of reaching new talent.

    Because it’s all about professionals and their skills, it’s the best place to find new talent in your field. You can search based on industry, company, job title, and a whole slew of other criteria. You can basically hand pick your new employees.

  • It’s extremely effective for B2B product launches.

    LinkedIn is now the most used social media/networking site for B2B product launches, according to Regalix. Why? Because that’s where the people who make company decisions are.

  • It’s the most effect source for lead generation.

    Hubspot research has found that LinkedIn has the highest conversion ratio of visitor to lead than any other social media site. This is especially true for B2B businesses.

Here are some tips for maximizing your reach:

  • Fill in your profile.

    No, seriously. Fill it in completely, especially the summary section. You have 2,000 characters of free advertising space. Utilize it! Speak directly to your target audience, who just might be looking you up, instead of the other way around. Be clear, persuasive, and, for goodness’ sake, use good grammar.

  • Make your company profile page stand out.

    Be consistent with the aesthetic of your non-LinkedIn website, but use color, photos, and anything else you can to highlight your business. Since the site is all about businesses and professionals, and there are so many of them, you can’t be blah. Update regularly and stay current with what’s going on in the various groups.

  • Join groups and be active.

    Join all of the relevant groups on LinkedIn and be an active participant. This is how you establish your relevancy within the groups related to your industry. Establish yourself as an expert within these groups and you’ll have no problem converting visitors to solid leads.

  • Create your own group.

    Create a group for your target audience and they will literally find you, instead of you having to find them. You’ll still want to give out plenty of invites to people that you have searched out, but their network will see you based on their membership, giving you a wider audience.

  • Post quality content.

    High-quality content accomplishes more than one goal. It establishes your expertise in your field and it helps your audience solve a problem or make a decision. Both of these things can mean increased business and lead generation. It’s also a great way to grow your email marketing list, so be sure to include a link.

LinkedIn allows for so many ways to reach audiences, through connections, invitations, blog posts, and more that it is easily the most versatile social media networking site. This can make marketing through the site a no brainer with all of the customizable ways of targeting just the right people for any aspect of your business. And speaking of a no brainer, use Copywriter Today for all you content creation needs, that way your LinkedIn profile will be step up against the rest.

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