Why You Should Email Your List More Aggressively

by Gabe Arnold

For any business, having a strong, loyal and frequent consumer base is important. Having customer relationships that you value, and vice-versa, allows you to keep your brand’s growth steady. One highly effective strategy to continued communication with your consumer base is e-mail marketing. If an individual is on your e-mail list, they have already shown enough interest in your company to ask for more information; shouldn’t you be delivering it to them? At Copywriter Today, we have the know-how and experience to help you run a successful E-mail marketing campaign. Our services are affordable, successful, and performed by a talented staff based 100% in the United States.

Many businesses are quick to dismiss the effectiveness of e-mail based marketing campaigns. They may associate it with the annoying, spam e-mails they are likely encounter more often. However, I am here to tell you that e-mail can be used to market your products in a convenient and ethical manner. After all, people would not sign up for your mailing lists if they did not want further communication from your company. By signing up to your mailing list in the first place, these customers are communicating that they trust your company to bring them the content and deals they desire.

Although not as visually impressive as many blog posts or social media platforms, e-mail provides a no-nonsense approach to pitching ideas to your customers. When someone opens an e-mail from a company they know what they are seeking, so you can rest assured your message is non-intrusive.

The sheer amount of people you can reach with an effective e-mail marketing campaign should be enough to convince you that the investment is worth your while. Did you know that around 95% of online consumers use email? Even more impressive is the fact that an estimated 91% of these people check their e-mail at least once a day. Think about that, e-mail provides a way to potentially reach out to your customer base the same day you send out content.

E-mail is so important to the average person’s life that they are highly unlikely to ever stop using the service. Therefore, as long as your campaign’s approach stays useful and non-agitating to your e-mail list, you will be almost virtually ensured future contact with your customers.

One of the greatest things about e-mail is its mobility. With some advertising services, such as PPC marketing, you are highly unlikely to reach consumers that are on their phones, tablets or other mobile devices. Instant and constant access to e-mail, on the other hand, is one of the main reasons for the existence of mobile electronics in the first place. Not only will you be able to potentially communicate with your consumer base any day of the week, but also anywhere in the world.

Similar to other marketing strategies such as content marketing, e-mails can simply provide a great way to keep your audience informed about your company. Simply sending them info about a new product or even some of the content you use in your content marketing campaigns, can be a great way to stay inside of their minds.

However, the sales possibilities of e-mail marketing are also great. Many people willingly sign up for company’s e-mail newsletters in the hopes of receiving frequent customer discounts. In fact, one Neilsen study found that up to 27% of US based online shoppers signed up for product emails in hopes of saving a quick buck.

One of the best qualities of e-mail marketing is the ease at which it can be integrated into your other marketing practices. As I mentioned before, updating your customers of new content is common during e-mail marketing campaigns. In addition to this, you can include links to other marketing strategies your company is currently pursuing. Overall, it can be useful to think of e-mail marketing campaigns as a sort of home-base/newsletter for your company’s products, advertisements, and goals.

Lastly, you can save tons of time and effort by employing a well-thought out e-mail marketing campaign. With little effort needed to construct the e-mail, and tons of useful tools to help you automate mail sequences, you will be able to work quickly at building your client base. Talented marketing teams can expand upon this, making personalized and well-researched e-mail construction techniques to boost the potential for your e-mail campaign’s success. Because the process is not as time-draining as many other marketing practices, you should be able to find a reasonably priced e-mail marketing service that works for you.

With an engaging enough e-mail marketing campaign, you will have your consumers eagerly awaiting your next e-mail. Inexpensive, easy to handle and effective, e-mail marketing is one of the greatest marketing investments at your company’s disposal. Build your brand, revenue, and communication by contacting Copywriter Today. We can help you plan and launch an e-mail marketing campaign that will help you reach new heights in your industry. Do not wait another day and start e-mailing clients more aggressively now!

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