Why Social Media Marketing Should Be Your First Focus

by Gabe Arnold

Although it was a complete novelty only less than ten years ago, the importance and value of social media marketing is no longer up for debate. It is not only important for businesses to develop a strong social media marketing campaign, but it should be their first focus when it comes to growing and developing as a successful business. Here are all the reasons why social media marketing should be business leaders’ top marketing priority.

1. It changes the game


Three years ago, Social Media Examiner’s End of the Year Report shows that 86% of business marketers claimed that using social media to market their businesses dramatically improved their marketing success and outcome, proving the importance of sites like Facebook and Twitter for corporate growth, development, and success. There is no doubt that social media marketing has proven to be a big game changer for businesses, no matter how big or small or the type of market that they are appealing to.

Social media marketing has the potential for businesses to reach out to their target audience in new and unprecedented ways while also allowing them to regularly communicate with their customers on a personal level. However, in order for businesses to reap all the game-changing benefits of social media marketing, their social media marketing strategies should be well-planned and strategic, instead of informal or chaotic, in order to see significant and positive changes in customer outreach and revenue growth.

2. It connects businesses with their customers


Social media marketing is a wonderful way for businesses to improve their relations with their customers. It provides a channel for businesses to continually post fresh and original advertising content while also providing an easy way for customers to give feedback or to voice any concerns that they may have. In short, social media is an easy, efficient, and quick way for businesses to communicate with their customers and to have a better understanding of their customers’ needs and wants, or where they are doing well and where they can be improved as a business.

3. Its benefits outweighs its risks


If you are unfamiliar or uneasy with using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other site, then it’s better to educate yourself on these sites or hire the services of a social media expert, because these are better than forgoing using social media for your business at all. The benefits of using social media for your business marketing strategies far outweigh the risks of not using social media. These risks include falling behind your competitors, or letting your competitors dominate your market because they are more up to date with the inevitable and ever-changing trends of digital business marketing.

4. It has more opportunities to convert customers


Social media marketing provides companies more opportunities to convert potential customers into actual customers. Every post a company makes on their social media accounts is an opportunity to make new customers, and the bigger a company builds up their following online, then the more access they’ll have to new customers, recent customers, and old customers alike. Every piece of fresh and original content that a company posts on their social media accounts, whether it’s an image, video, article, or blog post, is a chance for someone to react, and these reactions can lead to visits to your company’s website which can also lead to customer conversions. Keep in mind that not every online reaction or interaction with your brand will lead to a successful customer conversion, but every positive online interaction increases the chances of a conversion eventually, and these kinds of opportunities are too significant to miss out on.

5. It costs less


Believe it or not, social media marketing gives company more bang for less buck. It is much cheaper than traditional media marketing but is way more effective (in today’s very digital and connected world) and comes with added bonuses. Recent reports show that up to 84% of social media marketers for businesses put in as little as six hours per week for social media marketing, which is anything but time-consuming. Social media marketing has proven to save companies lots in their three most valuable resources—time, money, and effort—while also having great marketing results.

6. It improves your brand


From increased brand recognition and authority to significant improvements in brand loyalty from customers, social media marketing has the power to magnify your brand’s image, presence, and reputation in all sorts of positive ways.

7. It increases traffic


Social media marketing means bigger market outreach, which can also mean an increase in traffic drive to your company’s website. Without social media, your company’s traffic is limited to those who are already familiar with your brand but with social media, the limit does not exist.

The more quality content you post on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube, then the more traffic you’ll generate and the more leads and conversions you’ll gain, and that is where we step in. We are here to create quality, fresh content for you site, so contact us today!

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