Why Haters Love Copywriting

by Gabe Arnold

Nobody respects or appreciates the haters but they may not always be wrong. It might seem weird finding a way to relate to them yet copywriting may be the common denominator. Here are some of the unconsidered reasons why haters love copywriting and you should too!

Copywriting Lets You Be You

Writing in most business contexts is formulaic and bound by limitations and expectations set by higher-ups. It caters to rigid logic and practical information dispensed in its driest form to the people who read it.

The audience for copywriting, however, is not obliged to read your material. You have to earn their attention and appealing to their emotional side does just that. To that end, sticking to stuffy, rigid writing falls flat.

Copywriting demands that your personality shine through, making it vital in relating to audiences and establishing your brand. Your personality carries the weight to touch your reader on a deep, emotional level. Voice your opinions, shun norms or even be a little crass, if it is on-brand.

Copywriting Lets You Break the Rules

Purists will say you should never start your sentences with a conjunction. And they may also say that prepositions are a bad thing to end a sentence with. See what I did there?

That is the beauty of copywriting! You are not an author writing for a reader; you are a conversationalist talking to a consumer. As a conversationalist, shred the rule book and speak with your voice, in all its imperfection.

Comprehension and connection are what matter in inspiring the action that you need. Readers are not grading you like a ninth-grade English teacher but as somebody who needs to be interested. Since the reader of marketing material, especially online, needs to stay engaged, formal writing just will not work. Grammatical liberties may not look pretty to purists. However, the haters win big because it is easy to digest, enjoyable to read and more impactful.

Copywriting Lets You Win

Haters antagonize, antagonizing creates conflict and conflict makes winners and losers. In online spaces especially, there are clear winners and losers when it comes to visibility.

When you produce engaging SEO copy, notice tangible benefits in lead generation, brand awareness and conversion rates. Your message is put in front of your most valued audience and calls to action are more effective.

Copywriting can hit on all levels of AIDA — it captures attention, stimulates interest, creates desire and inspires action. That is why it is such a fundamental detail of effective marketing strategies. Love it or hate it, quality copywriting has the power to push your brand to new heights. Are you ready to bring those haters over to your side with some top-notch writing? Contact us today to get your first article for free.

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