Why Content Marketing Should Be Your Priority This Year

by Gabe Arnold

There exists a wide variety of marketing approaches to implement online, including PPC, Social Media campaigns, and banner ads. However, only one approach puts the customer first to provide ethical and value-based marketing that is sure to generate more inbound leads for your company’s website and products: Content Marketing.

At Copywriter Today, we offer quality content marketing services for an extremely competitive price of only $259 a month. With this subscription price, you will gain unlimited content creation on a rolling basis, while gaining services that add up to a full $800 value. However, you may be asking yourself…

What Exactly is Content Marketing?

You have likely heard the term content marketing before, but unless you have had it explained to you before, you may be lost on what it means exactly:

Content Marketing – a marketing approach geared toward creating and distributing relevant content online in order to attract and engage audiences with a brand and its products – with the goal of creating an increase in profitability for the company being marketed.

Provide Useful Content While Promoting Your Brand

Now that you have this simply put definition, the intimidating presence of the word “content marketing” should have lost its power. However, you may be asking yourself what kind of content are we talking about? One of the great aspects of a content marketing campaign is the huge variety of content you can use. Materials such as E-books, videos, blog posts, informative guides, and more can be used to engage an audience and drive them toward your product or website.

Consumers want to be shown that a product has value, and by providing useful and relevant content you can boost your brand’s reputation. Unlike other marketing approaches that simply try to aggressively convince a consumer of a product’s worth, content marketing gains their attention in a more positive manner. Speaking of which…

Keep Your Marketing Ethical

Unlike the more intrusive marketing approaches of PPC, pop-ups, and banner ads, content marketing allows the consumer to approach you! No aggressive sales tactics are to be found with content marketing, only helpful information that can potentially lead you to a new client.

Content Marketing is Sustainable

The great thing about content creation is that a good piece will provide value for your company for years to come. If the content you are providing is relevant and up-to-date, it can be easily tailored to fit a wide variety of promotional roles. From sharing the content in a slightly different manner across multiple useful platforms, to including videos and infographics within future relevant articles, you will continue to get use out of the promotional content for a long time.

Let Us Help You

Now that you know of the benefits content marketing has to offer you, why not try it out? At Copywriter Today, we specialize in creating quality writing content at an affordable, monthly-subscription based rate!

Still not sure if content marketing or Copywriter Today is right for your company’s marketing practices? Why not take our services out for a test drive with our free seven-day trial? Our trial is 100% risk-free, and no charge will ever appear on your card if you decide to discontinue the services after your trial.

You would be hard-pressed to find another content creation company out there that offers the quality Copywriter Today does for only $259 a month! Here a just a few awesome services you will gain with your monthly subscription to Copywriter Today:

  • Content orders up to 1,500 words! When compared to other services that charge up to $225 for only one article of this size, a Copywriter Today subscription practically pays for itself after only one of your orders for the month is completed.
  • Quick turnaround times! Some orders can even be completed and delivered within only 48 business hours. We understand you need content fast, and we strive to meet that need at every opportunity.
  • Talk to your writer for up to a full hour every month at no charge!
  • Timely revisions on at no extra cost!

With all of these advantages and services, you are getting nearly $800 invaluable services for a mere $259! That is nearly a fourth of what you would normally have to pay! Come start a free trial today and join our business family at Copywriter Today!

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