Whether You Hate Writing, or Love It, You Need It

by Gabe Arnold

You may also find yourself in the position of having a blog that needs content, but you yourself may not like writing, or you may even hate it. For those who don’t enjoy it, writing can be a laborious and even mentally painful task. So why bother? Because it needs to be done.

Writing is how we make ideas more permanent, and more easily transmitted. Writing is a key to civilization, progress, growth, and so many other aspects of society. This boils right down to the level of your own business. You can’t have a business without some kind of marketing, and marketing always involves writing at some stage. Whether it be just enough for a catchy headline, or something more like a press release or a full article, it needs to be written.

In particular, blogs are an important way for a business to market its products and services. By explaining and sharing both real-world reviews and other possible applications for a product, blog posts help engage customers. As they read, they understand the product better, and they have more interest in finding out how much better it can make their life by owning it.

If you’re the sort of person who loves solving people’s problems and making money while doing it, then you’re apt for business. That doesn’t mean that you particularly want to take the time necessary to write about it. You may find that certain aspects of running your business are more interesting or at least that you’re better suited to taking care of them than to blog writing.

If that’s the case, then you should have no problem with the possibility of outsourcing that writing. Let someone else handle the things that you find most boring or most difficult to focus on and do. That way, you can specialize and focus your efforts on the things that you enjoy and on which you can deliver your best quality work.

Writing, like all other activities, requires time and effort which could alternatively be spent on other things, like product development, networking, customer research, and any number of other activities essential to business success. You may find any or all of those activities more engaging than writing your blog’s content, so why not let someone else take care of that content for you?

Perhaps you do enjoy writing, but because of all these other demands, you have to make a choice. You find that you can’t possibly dedicate enough of your very limited time to everything that needs doing, so you either have to stop growing and expanding the business, or you have to get someone else on board to help out.

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