What Should You Blog About?

by Gabe Arnold

Millions of people are blogging daily, so why aren’t you? Perhaps you’ve wanted to, but you don’t know what to blog about, that’s a common issue believe it or not. Determining what you want to blog about isn’t as difficult as you may think. Let’s discuss some ways you can find the right blog topic for you.

What are Blogs?

Blogs are web content that’s regularly updated and involves engaging your readers by allowing them to comment, to share your blog and to follow your blog. The main thing that defines a blog from a typical website is the interaction with your readers.

Blogs vary widely and can be anything from poetry, to short stories, bigfoot sightings or how-to hubs. Businesses utilize blogs to help market their business, inform and educate customers, and to negotiate interaction within a community.

Why Do People Blog?

The reasons why an individual decides to start a blog can vary. Some people blog about personal issues that they want to share with readers in the hopes of creating a type of online support group. Others want to make money on the side or to make it their sole income source, and some do it because they enjoy writing and interacting with people.

Some of the other reasons people begin blogging include:

  • Expressing their creative side
  • Providing expert advice on a topic
  • Sharing their knowledge of a hobby

Blogging.com outlines just some of the topics that many bloggers write about, which includes:

  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Content marketing
  • Food
  • Personal Development
  • Parenting

How to Choose Your Blogging Topic

Deciding what to blog about can leave your head spinning, but if you focus on topics that you have experience with or knowledge of, you can begin by creating a list of topics to choose from. ProgBlogger has developed a list of questions to help you figure out what areas you might like to blog about.

Basically, your blog should be about a topic you have knowledge of – like a hobby or a skill. There are numerous amounts of people always looking for a new hobby or skill, or those that want to hone theirs. Many people are reluctant to call themselves “experts,” but if you’ve been, say, knitting for years – you are an expert and now have a blog topic.

Your blog could be about the type of work you do or even a medical issue like anxieties, cancer or lupus. You’d be surprised how many people are looking for advice from others who can relate to what they’re going through, not just from the medical doctor’s point of view.

OrbitMedia suggests using Google to your advantage by utilizing the auto-fill feature when searching. For example, if you decide to write about gardening, but don’t know where to begin, try searching ‘gardening’ on google and it will auto-fill suggested searches including;

  • gardening tools
  • gardening zones
  • gardening supplies
  • gardening ideas
  • gardening gloves

This is advantageous because it’s showing you the most popular searches using the word ‘gardening.’ Now that you know what types of information people are looking for, start writing about those topics. Knowing what’s trending is another helpful tool to determine what to write about. You can search Google Trends to find how interested people are about certain topics.

Blogging for Business

When it comes to business marketing, blogs can really give your brand the boost it needs. Businesses who utilize blogs are reaping the following benefits:

  • Rising above the competition: blogging about your business industry and your business specifically shows your readers, customers and potential customers your experience, quality information and your business’s personality.
  • Building your brand.
  • Building communication: blogging allows your audience the opportunity to interact with your business, thus building a relationship with you.
  • Blogging increases your SEO.
  • Generating leads.

Blogging Pro Tips

The following are tips to help you begin and stay on top of your blog. Follow them, and you’ll be reaping the rewards in no time.

  • Post a new blog weekly – it’s not necessary to post a daily blog, and that’s a good thing because it’s time-consuming and can be difficult to come up with topics.
  • Keep a running list of blog topics – whenever an idea strikes you, add it to the list so that you’ll always have a topic at hand.
  • Elaborate on previous blogs – this is especially helpful when you are short on time or struggling for a topic idea.
  • Invite guest bloggers – this gives a fresh outlook and allows you to take a week off from writing content.
  • Lose the jargon – be sure to use simple explanations.
  • When possible, provide examples and statistical data – this will display your level of understanding on a topic.
  • Be there, on time, every time and have quality content – your readers will subscribe to your blog to hear the latest knowledge you will be dropping on them, so that they will be expecting your next post.

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