Ways to Make Money off Your Blog

by Gabe Arnold

Starting a blog is fairly easy, making money off of that blog is a bit more challenging – but certainly not impossible. After all, you see and hear about many people making millions of dollars just by blogging. So it is possible to make money, you just have to go into it with realistic expectations.

What do I mean by “realistic expectations”? Well, first and foremost, don’t start a blog and expect to see millions of dollars come rolling in after your first month. You have to realize that blogging for the sole means of making money takes time and a significant amount of hard work.

How Much Work Does it Take to Blog?

I’m so glad you asked that question because so many people think blogging is simply writing about a topic here and there and the money will roll in. But blogging takes planning, researching, and execution in order to gain followers – and followers are what will make you the money down the road.

You will need to post a blog at least once a week, maybe even a few times a week when you first get started. You will also need to be continually working to grow your audience.

In order to create that content, you need to be constantly thinking about what the next topic will be and keep a running list, so you are never crunched for time without a topic. Even if you are an “expert” in something that you’re blogging about, you’ll likely need to do some research on the topic. And you will certainly want an outline of things to cover for each topic as well so that you don’t leave important points out.

Next, you have to tell all of your friends and family about it and share it on a variety of social media outlets. As your followers grow, your email contacts will grow too, and that’s a good thing. Each time you post a new blog you need to send an email blast to all of your contacts sharing your blog with them, as well as posting on all of the social media outlets.

Ways to Make Money off Your Blog

There is actually a multitude of ways to make money off of your blog and we’re going to dig in and take a look at what some of those ways are.

Blogging Basics 101 gives some great ideas about ways to make money blogging, some of these ideas include:

  • Utilizing Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (CPM) Ads: these two methods will pay you each time a person clicks on an ad on your blog page or views an ad on your blog page.
  • Sell digital products: ebooks, apps, online workshops, etc
  • Sell memberships: depending on what your blog is about, you could sell memberships for exclusive access to information. For instance, if your blog is about working from home, you might charge a monthly fee for access to legitimate work from home job sources.

Advertising income is a good place to start because you will be so focused on writing your blog and getting it off the ground that you won’t have time to think about making money. Utilizing advertising income sources will allow the money to come in while you are busy writing and promoting your own blog.

Selling private ads is another option, although this one may come when your blog is a bit more established. Private ads are usually banners, links, or buttons that your readers can click on to purchase the product advertised.

Pro Tip: Consider selling space in your emails or newsletters to various sponsors.

Another money making option is to promote affiliate sites. Each time your follower purchases something from an affiliate through your page, you make money. For instance, if you advertise a product that can be purchased through Amazon and your reader follows the link and purchases the product, you earn a commission on that sale.

Other income sources for your blog include:

  • Recurring Income Options: These involve your followers paying a subscription to tools, coaching, or premium content.
  • Holding Conferences or Events: these options can start small, 20 people at $10 a head nets you $200 for an hour or two of your time.
  • Selling Products: products can be ebooks, educational courses, or merchandise.

Problogger.com suggests utilizing multiple money-making income streams to help diversify your income, doing so will increase the amount you make each month.

What is the Difference Between Direct Income and Indirect Income?

Problogger.com describes the difference as; ‘direct’ being from your blog – like from ads, while ‘indirect’ is due to your blog – like consulting or public speaking about your blog content.

For more help and to see how we can help you get your blog off the ground today, visit CopyWriterToday.net.

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