Understanding the Benefits of Email Copy vs. Sales Copy

by Gabe Arnold

Your product or service is of tremendous value to the right customers. The best marketing tools reach the maximum number of ideal clients and bring them to action. Understand two of the most powerful devices at your disposal: email copy and sales copy. 

Used wisely, these avenues work in tandem to connect with those who need you. Learn how to use both at the right times to gain maximum results.

Successful Sales Copy

Well-executed sales copy provides the first line of contact with potential customers. This direct response method gives a positive first impression that leaves them wanting more. Marketing and advertising copy serve to entice consumers to purchase a product or invest in a service. 

To write powerful sales copy, start by considering the needs of your target market. What are their pain points? How can you make their lives better? Answers to these questions will clarify your message and hone a call to action that gets results. 

Energize your sales copy with these key elements:

  • A hook that will grab the attention of your readers and connect with their needs or desires.
  • A message that will highlight the unique aspects of what you have to offer. Capture their imagination of what life could be with you in it.
  • A persuasive call to action that is irresistible, practical and profitable. Invite your potential customers to give you a try with little effort or initial commitment. 

Effective Email Copy                                                                                               

Email copy primarily serves those who have taken the first step in getting to know you. Carefully created email copy builds a connection with consumers and encourages loyalty and long-term customer relationships.      

Empower your email copy with these essential components:                                                           

  • A subject line that is authentic and enticing. The subject line has the power to cause high open rates or to land you in the dreaded spam folder. Build subject lines that communicate reliability and strike a chord with humor, empathy and respect.
  • A body that develops brand recognition and develops trust. Be straightforward and show respect for time and intelligence. Treat your growing customer base as you would want to be treated. Provide multiple ways for getting to know you, including statistics, graphics and links to promotions and testimonials. 
  • A signature that establishes authority and authenticity. End your contact with the same energy found in your subject line. Include a picture, logo and links that keep the engagement moving forward.                                                                                                                                                                      

Become a master of utilizing the tools of sales and email copy. Allow us at Copywriter Today to help you develop both into an unstoppable combination of communication. Contact us today for a free consultation!  

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