This Week in Marketing

by Gabe Arnold

The marketing world is exciting this week. In-store and digital marketing are making headlines, and we are ready to explain it all to you. Keep scrolling to learn some of the top marketing news of this week. 

2020 Marketers of the Year

This year was a marketing whirlwind for every brand. Between health and safety, social justice and the election, many companies were able to keep up with their customers’ needs. However, it was the downfall of others. From social media to home improvement stores, many different industries made it to the top marketers of 2020. In order, here are the 2020 Marketers of the Year: TikTok, McDonald’s, Lowe’s, The Lincoln Project, Etsy, Calm, e.l.f, Lego, Adobe and State Farm. If you want to improve your business in 2021, then you need to research the names above. 

Social Media Sites for 2021

This year has taught us that social media has endless possibilities for marketing. To have your business ready for next year, you need to be on top of the best social media sites and trends. Here are nine of the top social media sites for 2021: TikTok, Twitch, Houseparty, Goodreads, Steemit, Vero, Caffeine, Nextdoor and Medium. You will find at least one, if not more from the list above that your company can join. In 2021, customers and internet users are looking for brands that emphasize freedom, authenticity, inclusivity and engagement. 

Cookieless Future

That is right — soon we will have a cookieless future. Normally, companies track their customers’ behavior through cookies. However, consumers are increasingly concerned about data privacy and hacking. So, they are looking for tracking-free searches. Therefore, businesses need to prepare themselves for a cookieless future. To understand what your customer wants, you need to watch their actions through the content you create. Once you have the content out, tracking, monitoring and testing it until you find exactly what works best is necessary. 

2021 Marketing Trends

If you have not started planning your 2021 marketing strategy, now is the time to start. Some predicted trends include a cookieless future, continued COVID-19 assessment, ad spend following consumers, more brand-to-brand collaborations, increased actions on social issues and more. Your brand does not have to follow all these trends. Depending on your customers and what aligns with your values is what you need to go with. 

This week in marketing was all about getting your brand ready for 2021. For more information or help in getting your company prepared for the next year, reach out to us today.

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