This Simple Mantra Will Make You a Millionaire

by Gabe Arnold

Are you ready to achieve real success? Do you want to find a way to conquer all of your competitors in a single bound? Here’s how. Take my personal mantra and apply it to your professional life starting right now. Say this out loud to yourself every morning, noon, and night:

I will ship early.

I will ship often.

I am okay with version one being embarrassing.

Failure is the fastest way to learn and customers validate ideas with dollars.

I Will Ship Early:

If you can’t ship early, then you’re sunk. Your competitors are beating you to the punch and you’re focusing on details that don’t matter.

Keep in mind what the founder of LinkedIn said:

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”- Reid Hoffman

Ship early, as early as possible! This will help you learn faster.

I Will Ship Often:

Don’t just ship the first time. Be brave and keep shipping! You may fall down hard and skin your knees or even get a black eye or two. That’s ok, as long as you don’t give up. Keep shipping and keep trying!

I Am Okay With Version One Being Embarrassing:

You’re focused on all the wrong things if you are focused on how your look. You’ve got to set that aside. You should worry more about how you are serving your customers. If you don’t have this as the first intention in your heart, then you’re going to miss it all.

Successful companies are so passionate about serving their customers that they don’t mind making mistakes and making a fool of themselves once in a while as they pursue that honorable mission.

Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself. It’s ok. Focus on what really matters. Focus on serving your customers even if that leads you to making mistakes and looking like a fool.

Failure Is the Fastest Way to Learn and Customers Validate Ideas with Dollars:

Even though we’ve already talked about it, it’s worth refocusing on failure. Failure is the fastest learning curve you can find. Embrace failure as the fastest and (hopefully) the cheapest education you can find.

If you ship early, ship often and aren’t afraid to embarrass yourself a little, then you’ll be able to fail quickly and identify the real truth in the marketplace.

What is the truth?

Customers validate ideas with dollars. This means that real solutions and real desires are confirmed with customers handing you cold, hard cash. Anytime, let me say it again, ANYTIME you get distracted by something that doesn’t include selling real solutions to paying customers, you are merely deceiving yourself.

This is why pre-sales is so powerful. It shortcuts the MVP product process and gets straight to the core of the issue. It helps you answer the question “do customers really want this enough to pay for it?”

Stop theorizing and spending time with people who theorize. Start hanging out with people who take action and ask customers for money.

Become that person. Create the MVP or the presales presentation and attach a price tag to it. Ask them for money and validate the idea. Real ideas are validated with dollars early on.

Now – Take Action!

If you’re ready to become a rock star entrepreneur and you want the help you need to get started, contact me. We will set up a one-on-one coaching call. In just 30 minutes we will define an action plan for success.

What are you waiting for? Act now!

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