The Ultimate Guide for Email Copy

by Gabe Arnold

Creating an effective marketing strategy for your business involves many different aspects, such as social media strategies, creating a website and developing an email marketing campaign. You want to reach your audience through email, but you may not know how to create engaging email that will keep them clicking instead of deleting. Keep reading for the ultimate guide for email copy. 

Create a Killer Subject Line

It is essential to catch your audience’s attention right away as most people have very short attention spans. With an inundation of media, it is key to make sure that your headlines are short, to the point and creative. Without a killer subject line, your email campaigns may be immediately deleted or even reported as spam. 

Include a Catchy Preview Text

Along with a catchy headline, you need to think of creative preview text that will also catch the attention of your audience. The preview text is what describes the content of the email to your reader. In most cases, the preview text is the first line of the email, so it goes along with your killer subject line. If the text is simply informational or embedded links to social media, then you will lose readers. Like the subject line, keep catchy preview text short, to the point and creative. 

Write for the Web

Email copy is similar to writing web copy. Therefore, you need to follow a similar format as you would with web copy. This means that you should include a logical structure to the email. Keep all paragraphs short. No one likes to read endless emails. For each paragraph, include only one main idea. Do not stray from that idea. To make it even easier to read, you may want to break up the email with bullets or subheadings.  

Write for Your Audience

Knowing your target audience is very important for any marketing strategy and it is no different for writing email copy. Focus on their needs and forming relationships with them. This means that you should keep the tone of the email friendly and conversational. People want to hear from companies who understand where they are coming from. They want to know that they are heard. This is where you can provide information on how you can help them with your service or product. 

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