The Social Media Marketing Practices You Should Focus On

by Gabe Arnold

Social media marketing is by far the most effective way of engaging audiences and creating brand loyalty. That doesn’t mean that slapping together a Facebook page is going to increase your revenue or following. Not all social media marketing is created equal. There are definitely certain practices you should focus on, as they provide the greatest returns. However, this might vary depending on the type of company and the company’s goals. How do you know where you should focus?

1. Identify your company’s goals

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Every piece of your social media strategy will need to serve your business goals, so it’s important to have a clear idea of what they are. They list may be long or short, but should include increasing brand awareness, customer retention, and reduction of marketing costs. These are the three needs that social media marketing are best at meeting and are at the core of most business needs.

2. Identify others who share your goals

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Better yet, identify the ones who are excelling at it and study what they do right. How do they interact with their customer base and entice their ideal customer? How do they promote not just awareness, but brand loyalty? Which of their strategies can you incorporate into your own strategy?

3. Conduct an audit

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No, not your books, your social media use. What are you doing that is currently working and where are you falling short? What social media does your target audience use most? What structure does that platform impose on your content? How do you best tailor your content to that structure in a way that your audience will not just respond to, but interact with?

4. Structure is important

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If your product is content, structure is absolutely crucial. Even if you are just using content to drive your product, structure is still crucial. Having an easy to navigate format makes it easier for your audience to find the key pieces of information they need. Which basically translates to: the easier you make it for your audience, the more turnover to actual business you will see.

5. Role play

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You need to know what motivates your target audience and customers. For that, you need to do a little role play and flesh out a character sheet. Who is your ideal customer? What is their background and demographic? How do you best reach them? What motivates them? What constraints might they have? What will make them feel connected to your brand? Be specific and see how that can translate into quantifiable successes.

6. Create a community, not just a following

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Don’t make the mistake of equating the size of your following (numbers) with the strength of a community (heart and soul). Having a following which you can simply blast with branding is not indicative of a community that is interconnected to each other as well as to your brand. Branding is only half the struggle. It is just as important to foster a community that will support not just your brand, but the lifestyle your brand enhances.

Here’s another tip:

Don’t get stuck in thinking that social media is just Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Consider upping your LinkedIn presence and using it to reach your target audience with the many tools available. It’s not just for professional development and corporate recruitment. LinkedIn allows you to target your ideal audience by searching for people who match your criteria, such as belonging to certain groups, possessing certain skills, or having certain interests.

This kind of connectivity is hugely beneficial for any kind of business. If your business and your social media strategy use content to drive interest, the blog feature will be your best friend. Does your business match a trending topic? LinkedIn will make sure that you get seen by people you might otherwise not be reaching. It is the best choice for B2B product launches and lets you build community and brand awareness at the same time through group presence and participation.

Remember #1 from the list above? Your company’s goals of brand awareness and lowering marketing costs are uniquely served by LinkedIn’s tools and communities. It is easily the most versatile social media site available today and its customizable features are perfect for your social media marketing needs.

Still not sure how to begin implementing these useful tips into your social media marketing campaign? We’ve got you covered! Simply contact the Copywriter Today team and we will set up a free consultation to determine how you want to convert those Facebook followers into paying, loyal customers.

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