The 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Content

by Gabe Arnold

Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to increase the reputation and revenue of your brand online. No other marketing strategy puts as much emphasis on the consumer’s needs or provides as much free value to the consumer. When your company launches an excellent content marketing campaign, you are certain to gain a whole new base of consumers and impress the ones you already hold.

While a nicely thought out and undertaken content marketing campaign boosts your brand’s future to new heights, poorly thought out one can severely damage the brand. A few common mistakes exist in content marketing practices that those without the proper experience sometimes make when trying the strategy for the first time. Knowing what these mistakes are, and how to avoid them, is of utmost importance.

At Copywriter Today, we create valuable, effective, and quality content for brands of any industry. Allow us to use the experience and knowledge we’ve gained from crafting thousands of content pieces for companies to boost the success and reputation of your brand. Our team is passionate about content creation, and we take pride in providing top-notch articles that will garner your brand new levels of SEO and consumer attention.

As experienced professionals, we know how to avoid the dire mistakes I mentioned before. Overall, there are 3 primary mistakes that will ruin any content marketing campaign. To better understand what we will NOT do when creating content for your company, here is a list of the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid when creating content:

1. Targeting the Wrong People

Knowing your ideal customer is essential when crafting content marketing pieces. Articles and other content that are too broad in scope or purpose will be difficult to find via search engines, and will not draw in the consumer base you are trying to reach.

Instead of approaching content with a broad message/purpose, it is important that you craft it with a very specific purpose. For example, if you were creating a blog post for a Social Security law firm, you might consider an article such as “How to Determine if You Qualify for SSI in Illinois.” Doing so will make it much more likely that you will draw qualified leads to your content, and then to your website.

2. Pitching Your Brand’s Services Aggressively

When you forget to focus on the non-intrusive, consumer value-centric nature of content marketing, its effectiveness is diminished. Providing valuable content to the consumer, despite whether they check out your brand or not, is important when building a content marketing campaign.

By aggressively pitching your brand or linking to your website at every opportunity, the consumer will more than likely become skeptical of your trustworthiness. Linking to your site once or twice in the article is as far as you should go, but providing an initiative to check out more valuable content related to your brand can prove much more effective in generating qualified leads.

3. Having an Inconsistent Publishing Timeline

Once you start growing an audience through your content marketing campaign efforts, it is important that you continue to provide valuable content in a consistent manner. If you publish sporadically, consumers will forget about your brand and lose interest.

Providing incentives for signing up for a mailing list, such as coupons and discounts, provide an excellent way to create a platform where you can deliver content to interested parties in a consistent manner. Even for those not on your mailing lists, having consistently published content can help you build SEO and a reputation as a brand that provides useful consumer info within your industry.

Now that you know how to avoid mistakes, allow us to take the initiative in crafting a quality content marketing campaign for your brand. At Copywriter Today, we are so convinced of our product’s quality that we offer a free trial that allows you to experience our services firsthand before signing up. Once you experience our quality services, you will happily join our professional team. At an ultra-low subscription rate of $259 a month, you will unlock unlimited article writing services to boost your brand’s credibility and revenue. Check our different pricing options now!

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