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The CJ Show Episode 16: Using Videos to Create an Online Presence

If you haven’t been a part of one, surely you have at least taken the time to watch them. Both Facebook Live videos and video sales letters are playing a more significant role in the marketing and advertising industry.

If you haven’t been a part of making one of these live or recorded sessions, you may not be aware of just how valuable the content involved is. Almost every business or individual that has been successful with these videos invests the time to create either an outline or structure to work from.

Gabe discusses how important this content is for those of us who use these videos as a tool or resource for business. Without taking the time to create content to use throughout the video, you may appear to viewers to simply be rambling or spitting out any idea that comes to your mind.

At Copywriter Today, we have a specific team of writers who primarily focus on creating content for videos. If this is something your business would like to begin implementing, but you aren’t exactly sure where you should start, contact us for a free consultation today. We will discuss the goal you would like to accomplish with the videos you are creating and how our words can create value for you.

The CJ Show Show Episode 13: Generating Leads Through Social Media

Grab a cold beer and get ready for some serious talk about generating leads through social media. On today’s episode of The CJ Show, Gabe, the founder of Copywriter Today makes a happy hour appearance to answer a few questions from Colleen.

Gabe discusses tactics he has used in the past to make $10,000+ a month, generating leads through social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. To produce the type of leads that create long-term relationships with the customer, Gabe talks about the necessity of giving away something that creates value for the person in need. Content, guides, and even ebooks are some of the resources Gabe has used for this in the past.

Colleen and Gabe provide details about which social media platforms have provided them with the most success and the differences between the approach used for each platform. Not only will you need to provide value for a potential client, but you will also need to be consistent with what you are doing.

If generating leads through social media marketing needs to play a bigger role in your business, contact Copywriter Today and schedule a free consultation to learn how their words can work for you.

The CJ Show Episode 8: Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

If your business is taking action on increasing the online presence of your name or brand, then you should be implementing an effective content marketing strategy.


Using content to promote your product or service is more than simply finding the right words that go together to make a point. Without an effective strategy in place for using your content, you might be wasting valuable time and effort you could be investing elsewhere.


During today’s show, Colleen and Jeffrey take a look at areas such as the word count of your content, rewriting content that has produced results in the past, being wise about the money you invest with social media and knowing when it’s time to hire a professional writing service.


Let’s face it, even if we talent when it comes to writing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have the time that creating content requires. With all the responsibilities that go into starting and developing a business into more, keyword research and studying the results of our competitors isn’t always on the top of a priority list, regardless of their importance.
If you are one of the several people who is facing this issue and are in need of a content marketing strategy, take the time to schedule a free consultation with us and put our words to work for you.

The CJ Show Episode 5: Promoting Your Content Through Social Media

Content marketing is playing a larger role than ever in the business world and marketing through social media platforms has become a necessity. Regardless of the field or industry your business is in, if you’re not making a name for yourself through social media, you are nonexistent when it comes to an online presence.

During today’s show. Colleen and Jeffrey will break down different commonly used strategies that are successful when it comes to promoting content through social media. Without creating a strategy and a plan for how your business is going to use these networks and platforms, the efforts could result in wasting valuable time and money.

Using social media as a means of advertising is an investment. Without determining both a list of goals you are trying to accomplish and a plan of action for achieving success, your business will not be able to accomplish much through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

A common misconception that several businesses have is that they will be able to bring about the desired results overnight. This idea simply doesn’t happen, creating the need for a long-term strategy.

If this is an area that your company or business could use some extra help, contact us at Copywriter Today to schedule a free consultation. We have put together specific teams that focus their attention on creating content for social media campaigns.

The CJ Show Episode 3: What Exactly Is a Content Map and How Does It Work?

The content map is a resource that you will only find with a subscription to Copywriter Today. Since Colleen announced last week that one would be given away as this week’s prize, the show has received a few questions wondering what a content map is and how it benefits the content you are using.

The content map not only makes it easier to schedule and plan the content you will create, but it also helps you determine the voice of your content and the audience you will be targeting.

Before you begin planning content, you will need to answer a few questions about what it is you have to offer your customers and why they should choose you over your competition. The age, gender, salary, and location of the viewers you want to read your content will help you determine keywords and headlines that will be effective.

You will also want to consider some of the other interests of your followers when determining the subjects that will be popular with your audience.

As mentioned earlier, you’re not going to find this tool with just any writing service. The content map is just one of the many benefits that come with creating an account with our team. Take a few minutes to schedule a free consultation today to see exactly what Copywriter Today can do for you.

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