Sales Copy That Serves Revenue

How To Write Effective Sales Copy

There’s no sugarcoating it: Writing sales copy is hard work. A big part of writing effective sales copy is knowing what people think and want.  Great sales copywriters know what motivates customers. They know how to speak to them in a way that will convince … Read more

This Week in Marketing

This Week in Marketing

The marketing world is exciting this week. In-store and digital marketing are making headlines, and we are ready to explain it all to you. Keep scrolling to learn some of the top marketing news of this week.  2020 Marketers of the Year This year was … Read more

The Best Local SEO Companies for Small Businesses

Local SEO Local SEO is SEO formatting applied to your website that enables internet searches that originate in the area surrounding your business to find your business. When individuals search for “____ near me”, which is a frequent search, your business will appear if you … Read more

The CJ Show Episode 15: Promoting Content Made Simple

Although social media platforms are great methods for promoting content, they aren’t the only method. During today’s show, Colleen and Gabe discuss other ways Gabe has been able to successfully use content marketing in the past.

While your first thought may be that promoting content through mail is outdated, Gabe talks about doing so for specific customers in the past. With junk mail becoming less and less popular among businesses, it provides a better opportunity for the mail you are sending to be recognized by the person at the address.

Colleen also asks Gabe questions pertaining to both establishing a budget for promoting content and how much content should be promoted at one time. Consistency is key for both answers. Gabe describes how a higher dollar amount doesn’t always equal success when it comes to promoting content.

By using a lower amount in order to ensure you are promoting content on a weekly basis, you provide yourself with a better opportunity for increasing your audience over a period of time. In order to demonstrate the example, Gabe revisits the first six months of Copywriter Today and what he was able to do that led to long term success.

If content promotion is an area where your business could use some guidance, schedule a free consultation with Copywriter Today and let our team handle the writing for you.

Retention: How to Keep Readers Coming Back

Retention: How to Keep Readers Coming Back

Running a blog is quite possibly one of the toughest jobs you have as a marketer. Why is that? All you have to do is update it twice a week, right? Believe it or not, many people who run blogs have difficulty keeping up with … Read more

Watch Visibility Skyrocket Using 3 Proven Steps

Watch Visibility Skyrocket Using 3 Proven Steps!

Online visibility is one of the most powerful tools small businesses have at their disposal. Through effective inbound marketing, and other tactics, any small business can see their online visibility skyrocket to numbers they never thought possible. By investing in boosting your online visibility, you … Read more

5 Tips for Running the Perfect Social Media Campaign

5 Tips for Running the Perfect Social Media Campaign

Social media marketing is one of the greatest ways to keep your company’s activities and deals in the peripheral of your consumer base from day-to-day. Perhaps only email marketing reaches a wider audience on average than this awesome practice, so if you want to successfully … Read more