The CJ Show Show Episode 13: Generating Leads Through Social Media

Grab a cold beer and get ready for some serious talk about generating leads through social media. On today’s episode of The CJ Show, Gabe, the founder of Copywriter Today makes a happy hour appearance to answer a few questions from Colleen.

Gabe discusses tactics he has used in the past to make $10,000+ a month, generating leads through social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. To produce the type of leads that create long-term relationships with the customer, Gabe talks about the necessity of giving away something that creates value for the person in need. Content, guides, and even ebooks are some of the resources Gabe has used for this in the past.

Colleen and Gabe provide details about which social media platforms have provided them with the most success and the differences between the approach used for each platform. Not only will you need to provide value for a potential client, but you will also need to be consistent with what you are doing.

If generating leads through social media marketing needs to play a bigger role in your business, contact Copywriter Today and schedule a free consultation to learn how their words can work for you.

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