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Email Marketing Tactics

8 Business-Boosting Email Marketing Types [+Examples]

Ever since the first email blast that was sent out in 1978 by marketing pioneer, Gary Thuerk, the world of marketing has never been the same. That promotional email was sent to 400 recipients with the objective to sell his company’s computers, and, get this: … Read more

The Ultimate Guide for Email Copy

The Ultimate Guide for Email Copy

Creating an effective marketing strategy for your business involves many different aspects, such as social media strategies, creating a website and developing an email marketing campaign. You want to reach your audience through email, but you may not know how to create engaging email that … Read more

What Is Email Copy?

What Is Email Copy?

When it comes to marketing tactics, email marketing is one of the oldest options available. However, because of its age, many companies are hesitant about deploying it. Instead, they want to focus on the next big thing to entice customers to try their brand.  But … Read more

The CJ Show Episode 11: Creating an Email List Part 2

Sure, we’ve all heard about having an email list, but what exactly goes into making one? Throughout the previous two shows, Colleen and Jeffrey have discussed creating an effective email list.

During episode 10, Jeffrey answered a few questions you might want to focus on concerning the service or product you are offering before getting started. In today’s show, Colleen and Jeffrey take a look at characteristics you will find in potential list members.

Jeffrey explains the difference between going after as many email addresses as you can get compared to considering the intentions of the user or business. He will also discuss how you can look at the similarities of the names already on your list to determine who you should reach out to next.

Creating your list is just the first step. You will also need to put together an email sequence and then create the content for each email. Can’t find the words to express what you need to say? Not enough time in an already hectic schedule?

If you fall into either of these two categories, take the time to schedule a free consultation with Copywriter Today. We have multiple writing teams that specialize in creating content, specifically for email marketing.

The CJ Show Episode 10: Building an Email List

Regardless of the industry of your business, continuous growth needs to be a part of the plan. If you are not doing something on a daily basis that will expand your clientele, you are slowly on the path to closing your business. That may seem harsh or unrealistic, but it’s true.

One of the best tools you can have concerning an increase in growth is an email list. This list will be one of the resources you will need for producing relationships with those who have used your product or service, creating repeat customers.

However, there is more work and effort that goes into creating this list than you might originally think. During today’s show, Colleen and Jeffrey discuss what you will need to start creating your list. For starters, you will want a clear picture and a detailed statement of who you are. I’m not referring to a picture you take with a camera. I’m talking about the image you create with the words that you use.

If writing about your business isn’t something you feel comfortable with, contact Copywriter Today to schedule a free consultation. We have a team of writers who specialize in email marketing that can come up with a sequence of emails that will deliver results.

The CJ Show Episode 9: Cotent Styles You May Be Unaware of

When asking a business owner about the content styles they use the most within their business, a blog post or published article will normally be two of the first three examples provided. Emails the company sends, the completion of research, and the statements made to the general public about a product, service, or event that pertains to the business will rarely come up.

While the posts on a blog are valuable and have a purpose, there are other content styles your company should be using. During today’s show, Colleen and Jeffrey discuss some of the other forms of writing Copywriter Today can create.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the value of the content your business is using? Contact the Copywriter Today team now to schedule a free consultation. One of our account managers will discuss not only the content styles that will provide the most value to your business, but we will also listen to the goals you want to accomplish with the content you will be using.

Regardless if you are in need of blog posts, an email sequence, landing page content, eBooks, or white papers, our team of professional writers has the words that will work for you.

5 Things Your Email Marketing Must Have

Marketing is sweeping the world these days between social media and all-out new online technology. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all these new ways to do things and to figure out the best way to communicate with people. Many people use email subscriptions … Read more

Why E-mail Marketing is More Important Than You Think

Advertising is an inevitable fact of life.  It surrounds us.  Now, more than ever, our lives are subject to advertising in almost every facet of our daily affairs.  Much of the advertising we see can be muted, fast-forwarded through, switched away from, or tuned out.  … Read more