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We’ve explained how our copywriting services can help your business, but perhaps the best way to really understand the value our business writing delivers is to experience it firsthand. If you want to find out exactly what it’s like to work with the Copywriter Today team and learn more about the value our copywriting delivers, … Read more

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Many writers seeking a freelance writing position are frustrated with the available opportunities. Either they don’t pay enough, or they don’t offer high-quality work. Good, fulfilling writing jobs can be hard to get, but Copywriter Today is different. We’ve designed our entire system around securing the very best freelance writing talent, to provide our clients … Read more

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You’ve come here to get a better understanding of what a copywriter does for your business. Well, good, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve talked to many people about what a copywriter does, and so many of them think that a copywriter is like an editor, or better still, someone who helps another get … Read more

How to Become a Better Copywriter

Becoming a better copywriter is not as difficult as you may think. Generally, it only takes following some simple guidelines and a splash of self-confidence to fine tune your writing skills. After all, being an outstanding copywriter begins with knowledge. Taking yourself back to the guidelines, like the ones listed here, will help you to … Read more

Mystery Revealed: What Does a Copywriter Do?

Just about everyone has heard the term “copywriter,” but most people do not truly understand what a copywriter is and what the job entails. The information below gives a brief overview of everything you have always wanted to know about copywriting. What is Copywriting? Before you can understand what a copywriter does, it is important … Read more

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Are you wondering if you have what it takes to be a copywriter? The answer is, very possibly, yes. Copywriting has quickly become a massive industry, that’s due to the various websites, blogs, email marketing, advertisements, catalogs and more. These days, more businesses are finding the need to hire a copywriter to write their content … Read more

The CJ Show Episode 2: Four Essentials for Creating Effective Content

When creating effective content, there is more you will need to focus on than simply writing. While writing plays a huge role, there are a few other characteristics that are equally important.

During today’s show, Colleen and Jeffrey will spend some time discussing a few of these areas. They will talk about the need for a headline that grabs attention and the exact role the images you are using will play. They also spend time discussing the importance of the keywords you use and the formatting of the article.

While every business is aware of their need for content, they often fail to realize just how much time and research the task requires. Studying the use of effective keywords that are in a particular field or industry and structuring content around them in a manner that provides value is not as straightforward as one might think.

When a business fails to invest both time and attention addressing these issues, it can defeat the original purpose of creating content. If this is an area your company is struggling with, contact Copywriter Today to schedule a free consultation.

We will build a personal writing team for your business that will handle all of the research and writing tasks required for grabbing the attention of your audience and followers.

10 Plus Reasons to Give Thanks for Your Blog Copywriter

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