The CJ Show Episode 1: Why Having a Content Writing Subscription is Valuable

On today’s show, host Colleen and her guest Jeffrey, spend some time discussing the benefits of using a subscription based content writing service. With all of the options available today when it comes to fulfilling the writing needs of your business, there are a few reasons why Copywriter Today is a step above the competition.

For starters, you have the ability to order an unlimited amount of content through your subscription. This is far less expensive than traditional services that charge their clients based on a word count or a certain price per article. During the show, Colleen and Jeffrey cover the basics of how the order process takes place and how using the order calculator makes it as easy as possible for customers to order their content.

Another reason for the success behind Copywriter Today is the personal writing team they provide for each client. With around 50 writers working remotely throughout the country, Copywriter Today can build a team of between 2-5 writers with both knowledge and experience in your specific industry.

Yes, there is a lot of communication that needs to take place within the first few weeks of the subscription with your account manager. Communication is essential for your writing team to align with the exact needs and goals of the content you are ordering. The time you will spend discussing details with your manager the first two or three weeks will be well worth it as your writers begin returning content in the specific voice and style you are wanting.

In the future, Colleen and Jeffrey will be live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1:00 P.M. ET. The show can be watched live on the Copywriter Today Facebook page and will be posted on the website’s blog and YouTube channel by 2:00 P.M. each day.

Be sure to tune in and comment with any questions you would like to have answered in regards of Copywriter Today or the content industry in general. There will be weekly giveaways that can be won by commenting during a live show or after the video has been posted.

Colleen and Jeffrey look forward to hearing from you soon.

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