10 Tips to Make Your Good Copywriting Better Than Ever

10 Tips to Make Your Good Copywriting Better Than Ever

Writing is just like any other skill, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Refining your copywriting abilities can make a significant difference, both to your clients and their readers. Although practice makes perfect, it helps to have some high-quality tips as well. Here are 10 tips to make your copywriting better … Read more

Jump In! The Deeper Content Your Business Marketing Strategy Needs for Success

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Guide: 1. E-books, White Papers and Reference Guides: The Perfect Pieces to Get your Feet Wet E-books, white papers and reference guides give consumers the information they want. While you may be intimidated, check out this section to discover how prepared you already are to begin giving your audience … Read more

Lead-Generating Business Marketing: How to Marry Inbound Marketing With Engaging Copy

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Guide: Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Two Peas in the Same Pod More alike than they are different, both business marketing techniques will help grow your company. For both to succeed, one thing is key: great copy. Learn why in this section. Making the Web Work: Enhancing Online Copy Billions … Read more

The CJ Show Episode Four: Using the Order Calculator

During today’s show, Colleen and Jeffrey go over the order calculator. This is a unique tool that you will only find with Copywriter Today. One of the most common questions we receive from people interested in our service is how many orders they are allowed to receive throughout the course of a month? This tool helps each of our customers determine the answer.

While Copywriter Today is the home of the unlimited content subscription, there is a set amount of how much can be written monthly per account. Both the style of content and the length of the order play a role in this limit. If you realize you are going to reach your limit before ordering all of the content needed for the month, you can always contact your account manager about creating additional accounts.

The order calculator not only shows you how much content you can order, but it also lets you know exactly when you will receive the content once you place the order. The order calculator makes it much easier for scheduling the content you will be using. Let’s face it. Even the best writers need time for research, editing, and all of the other responsibilities that go into creating effective content.

If your business has made the decision to hire a professional writing service to handle these responsibilities for you, there are several reasons why Copywriter Today is several steps ahead of the competition. Schedule a free consultation today to see what our team can do for you.

The CJ Show Episode 3: What Exactly Is a Content Map and How Does It Work?

The content map is a resource that you will only find with a subscription to Copywriter Today. Since Colleen announced last week that one would be given away as this week’s prize, the show has received a few questions wondering what a content map is and how it benefits the content you are using.

The content map not only makes it easier to schedule and plan the content you will create, but it also helps you determine the voice of your content and the audience you will be targeting.

Before you begin planning content, you will need to answer a few questions about what it is you have to offer your customers and why they should choose you over your competition. The age, gender, salary, and location of the viewers you want to read your content will help you determine keywords and headlines that will be effective.

You will also want to consider some of the other interests of your followers when determining the subjects that will be popular with your audience.

As mentioned earlier, you’re not going to find this tool with just any writing service. The content map is just one of the many benefits that come with creating an account with our team. Take a few minutes to schedule a free consultation today to see exactly what Copywriter Today can do for you.

“Are You Doing Content Marketing The Right Way?”

First off, what is content marketing? Essentially, content marketing is the successor to the dying practice of traditional marketing. Traditional marketing was the go-to marketing strategy of the Pre-Information Age world. Traditional marketing included radio ads, magazine ads, and television commercials, all of which can now be fast-forwarded (thanks to DVR), “skipped” with just a … Read more