116 Blog Idea Topics to Write About

Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing online content targeted to reach a specific audience. Quality content will reach your audience and explain the value your brand provides which will ultimately help to close sales. Blogging for beginners can be a great way … Read more

Ways to Make Money off Your Blog

Starting a blog is fairly easy, making money off of that blog is a bit more challenging – but certainly not impossible. After all, you see and hear about many people making millions of dollars just by blogging. So it is possible to make money, … Read more

Steps to Take to Get More Followers to Your Blog

Steps to Take to Get More Followers to Your Blog

You surely know that having a blog for your business is a great way to promote your company, alert people about your products and services, and share ideas and knowledge. But, a blog is only effective if people read it. To get people interested in … Read more

What Should You Blog About?

Millions of people are blogging daily, so why aren’t you? Perhaps you’ve wanted to, but you don’t know what to blog about, that’s a common issue believe it or not. Determining what you want to blog about isn’t as difficult as you may think. Let’s … Read more

The CJ Show Episode 14: Ready to Launch Your Writing Career?

Do you have an ability with words when it comes to writing? Have you ever considered using your talent to earn some extra income? Regardless if you are a seasoned pro or just looking to start your writing career, Copywriter Today has a place for you on their team.

Due to bringing on several new customers, Copywriter Today is currently looking to add between 10-12 writers to the company. During today’s show, Colleen and Gabe discuss what you will need to do to begin the application process and what a writing career looks like with Copywriter Today. They will describe what you need to do step-by-step, making it as simple as possible for you to apply.

This process isn’t something you will want to rush through, trying to ensure you receive one of our limited positions. Taking your time and being thorough with your information is one of the keys our managers look for when reviewing potential writers. Visit our page to get started today!

If you aren’t exactly the writing type and have been putting thought into hiring a professional writing service, schedule a free consultation with Copywriter Today. We have a team of over 50 writers working remotely throughout the United States and can put together a personal writing team with experience in your businesses industry or field.

So You Think You Want to Blog

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How to Blog Like a Boss

Blogging can have many different formats and purposes, but all blogs share something in common, they are a way of communicating with an anonymous audience. If you own a company and have a blog, you are likely to drive much more business than a company … Read more

Content Creation: Writer’s Block

What Is Writer’s Block? Writer’s Block is one of the most unproductive time-wasters known to man. It can happen to anyone. As a marketer, one of your jobs is to come up with content. Essentially, you’re a content creator. As you maintain your blog, you … Read more