Steps to Take to Get More Followers to Your Blog

by Gabe Arnold

You surely know that having a blog for your business is a great way to promote your company, alert people about your products and services, and share ideas and knowledge. But, a blog is only effective if people read it. To get people interested in your blog, you have to let them know it’s there and encourage them to become readers of your posts.

Use Social Media

If your business has a social media presence, use it to let people know about your blog. Promoting your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets will prompt people to check out your most recent content. Make it easy for them to get there by including a link that takes them directly to your blog. Do not forget, if people are visiting you via social media they will likely be interested in your blog posts.

Visit Other Industry Blogs

The chances are that your blog is not the only one for your industry. Peruse other industry blogs and do not forget to make positive comments on the content you find. Not only will doing so help to get your name out there, but the owner of that blog will likely return the favor.

Update Your Posts Regularly

It is crucial to regularly update your blog with new content. Try to have a set schedule that dictates when you will post something new. When you update your content, visitors to your blog will begin to anticipate new posts and will be likely to come back repeatedly to see your new posts.

Make SEO Work for You

Never underestimate the power of SEO. Writing SEO-centric posts will help them rank high on search engines, so your posts will be easier to find. Your best bet is to focus on SEO as soon as you create your blog. Trying to catch up with it after the fact can prove to be difficult. To ensure your posts are SEO-friendly, plan them out ahead of time. Think about the keywords and long-tail phrases that are relevant to your industry and create content around them. Also, be sure to include your keywords in the following places in your posts:

  • Headline.
  • The link for your article.
  • Within the first 100 words.
  • In a subheading.
  • In the meta description.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your own followers. Guest blogging can expand your reach by spreading your brand’s message and helping you win the trust of your audience. Here are some other ways that guest blogging can help increase the number of followers your own blog:

  • Instant exposure to targeted traffic.
  • Expands your personal network.
  • Stimulates social media shares.
  • Increases your social media following.
  • Improves your online authority.
  • Increase your brand awareness.
  • Generate leads.
  • Improve your content writing skills.
  • Give a Call-to-Action

Visitors to your site may take the time to share your content with others. But, adding a call to action can prompt even more people to do so. Add a CTA that gently reminds readers to share the content as soon as they see the post so that it can go out to more people.

Give an Incentive

To get something, you often need to give something. So, if you want to get followers for your blog, then you need to give people something to entice them to go there. A great option is to host a giveaway or a raffle that followers can only benefit from if they share your content with others.

Include Photos and Videos

There is no denying that blog posts that contain visuals like photos and videos get more views. Photos and visuals make blog posts stand out and give them originality. So, adding them to your blog post will generate interest and drive more people to your blog.

Tell Stories

Your blog is the ideal place for sharing stories that are important to you. Being willing to share your stories will endear people to you and will help to build up a level of trust. Start with your origin story. Let the world know how you started out and were able to build your business. Your stories may inspire people and give them hope for furthering their own businesses. Plus, the more you share about yourself, the more people will be drawn in and share your content.

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