How to Solve the Problems of a Content Copywriter With a Gift

by Gabe Arnold

Sure, a whimsical mouse pad, an endearing coffee mug or motivational desk art brighten the workspace of any content copywriter. After all, the day in and day out view of a computer screen grows stale and bright surroundings fuel the creative. If you are looking for these types of ideas, BlogHer provides unique solutions to your gift giving dilemmas (all for under $100).

But, what if you could gift your favorite blogger with increased productivity and creativity throughout the year? Yes, the gift that keeps on giving. If you are not a writer, the tools and helps available to those spinning prose may allude you. And, if content is your passion, the speed of technology may have you spinning in confusion over the offerings. In other words, your wealth of gift ideas may run dry.

So, let us at Copywriter Today, get you excited about gifting that favorite writer in your life (or, maybe yourself) with gifts of real value.

Considerations When Gifting a Writer

Understanding the qualities of the writing life helps you brainstorm and find creative solutions to the real life struggle of the blogger. The reality of loneliness, distractions, writer’s block and the like bring forth ideas of worthwhile gift solutions. Let’s brainstorm a few.

Time is Precious


While it is true that time proves a precious commodity for each of us, content copywriters typically get paid for minutes, not word count. And, often the pressure of pouring forth brilliant text, in short, monetarily rewarding time frames, proves overwhelming.

For some, word count combined with a deadline prompts the best work adrenaline. For many copywriters, this simply means stress. Missed deadlines, overlooked details or rushed, non-inspiring content results.

To address this issue, consider gifts which encourage starting projects early and writing consistently. And, gifts which increase efficiency or speed up broadband bring the you-know-me-all-too-well smile when opened. After all, assignments left to the last minute are most likely to run into emergencies, illness, computer issues and deadline panic.

Gift Solutions: A Pomodoro timer, project or time management software, a digital personal assistant, broadband upgrades or website efficiency products.

A Screen Proves Lonely

Even those of us (including myself) who prefer hermit-dom need to realize our relational wiring. Contact with other human beings does us good. While typing away and plugging along on a project may make us feel productive, a screen as a distraction from or a substitute for person-to-person interaction depletes writers.

Isolation breeds brain drain, irritability, depression and even early death. And, none of these qualities lead to boosts in creativity. In fact, studies reveal a clear connection between social interaction and physical health, mental functioning, sleep patterns and general well-being.

Writers are at particular risk of falling into the trap of loneliness and isolating behavior. Gifts aimed at encouraging social interaction hit the mark. And, a writer’s favorite off-screen activity proves a breeding ground for ideas in this area.

Gift Solutions: A night out with friends or dinner with a significant other, two tickets to a sporting event or concert, or registration in a 5K or Tough Mudder event.

Distractions are Real


In our current culture, the trend to work remotely places many a content writer at home, in the cafe or at a park wielding their craft. While this flexibility and opportunity for a change of scenery inspire and allow for considerations of family and other ventures, it also proves a distraction. And, this never bodes well for efficiency.

Additionally, working via computer, often the Internet, poses its own threats to focus. After all, how long does it really take to quickly check email or bop over to search that unrelated topic that will not leave the brain? Too long is the answer.

Gifts which help reduce distractions breathe life into a writer. Consider options which encourage writers to shut off electronics including the television, cell phone and even the Internet (once research is complete). And, remember to respect their do not disturb mode when working.

Gift Solutions: Distraction blocking software, a promise to take the kids for a day per week, noise-canceling headphones, an ambient sound machine or a word processor-like device.

The Truth of Writer’s Block

Staring at a blank screen with a blank mind plagues all writers from time to time. And, while this experience falls within the norm, the frustration mounts for content bloggers facing a deadline. Blah! Writer’s block can feel like pure torment.

This drain on productivity and dampener of creativity even taxes the most experienced of writers. Fortunately, fairly simple solutions work to break this dreaded state of verbiage drought. Exercise stimulates the mind, reading pours words and inspiration into the empty space and engaging the senses feeds the experience which births writing.

Gifting along these lines includes items which encourage a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, diet, sleep habits and emotional health fall in this category. Also, new experiences build depth into a writer’s repertoire and fuel creativity.

Gift Solutions: A night in a B & B for some R & R, a fitness club membership or class, Kindle book credits, a cooking class or a rock climbing adventure.

Procrastination, Problems and Poor Self-Esteem


Personal issues weigh on the mind and hinder the ability to pour forth excellent written copy. To generate the best work, content copywriters need to own and address problems in their lives, one at a time. And, whether because of these life situations, fear of a project or feeling inadequate, procrastination threatens a blogger’s quality of work and professionalism.

Perfectionism falls onto this list of hindrances as well. Often writers pour every cell of their being into every single work. Unfortunately, attaining this level of product proves vanity. Plus, modern technology offers the ability to improve written content after release due to the feedback received.

Content copywriters benefit from gifts which encourage them as individuals and in their work. If your relationship is one of friendship, helping them address personal issues through conversation or counseling frees a writer’s mind to actually write. And, items which inspire the avoidance of procrastination help on several fronts.

Gift Solutions: Pre-set dates conducive to heart-to-heart conversations, personal retreats, self-help or healing conferences, framed stellar feedback from a client or daily encouragement apps.

Passion, Productivity and Persuasion.

Without a passion for writing or the subject matter at hand, a copywriter’s work becomes burdensome. Therefore, continuing to cultivate a love for this mode of communication increases productivity. Plus, it simply makes the job of writing more enjoyable.

Efficient, productive copywriting also means developing the art of persuasion and the ability to deliver perspective. Keeping the mind of a writer fresh and filled with life experiences fuels these abilities. But, this happens only with clear intent.

Gifting writers with opportunities to develop their craft or reignite their passions brings depth and brilliance to their work. Whether the passion for writing, the interest in SEO content or a love of hang gliding, intentionally engaging these pursuits boosts creativity and productivity. And, sometimes just letting a friend talk endlessly about a passion you do not understand breeds their excitement through your support.

Gift Solutions: Rewards to dole out with writing victories, a writing workshop, an online course, SEO content tools or opportunities to passionately explore life such as nature adventures and experiences of other cultures.

Lack of Confidence


Oh, how a lack of confidence wreaks havoc on our pursuits! And, the work of a copywriter proves no different. While the endless flow of words you see across the web may lead you to believe, “Oh, she’s got this!”, a quite opposite refrain may be playing in her head. The truth is that confidence issues plague the skilled and experienced as well as the novice.

When fear and insecurity prevent a writer from taking a risk, quality of content decreases. Procrastination raises its ugly head and writing speed slows to a crawl. Plus, playing it safe effects the level of jobs applied for and monetary compensation requested.

Gifts which inspire writers to believe in their abilities, work and inherent qualities boost their confidence. Considering gifts in this area may require a more personal relationship with a writer. But, encouragement itself tends to be welcome from any source and bolsters self-worth along with writing output.

Gift Solutions: Notes of encouragement throughout the year, workshops and courses to develop as a writer, involvement in a writer’s group or forum, or conferences on silencing negativity.

Gifts for the Content Copywriter

Hopefully, you found the above gift solution brainstorming useful. However, maybe you are looking for specific products helpful to the actual writing process. The list below offers tools which benefit the work of content writers and bloggers and opens more options for gift giving.



Several components are needed to get started and maintain the work of a content copywriter. These basics of the profession provide a foundation for efficient, productive work. And, these gifts promise to draw gratitude from the writer in your life.

  • Current model laptop
  • Noise reducing headphones
  • Earbuds (for mobile work)
  • USB mic
  • Speakers

Web Management Essentials

Like many aspects of our lives, writing has gone digital. While pen and paper continue to inspire the nostalgic among us, coupling this with the Web is required. Gifting a blogger with their web management needs proves reasonable and well-received.

  • Website hosting package
  • Domain registration
  • Website Designs or Themes
  • Broadband increases


Continuing education develops a writer’s craft and proves a gift which keeps on giving. When looking into courses, workshops, conferences, podcasts and the like, consider the specialty of the blogger or content copywriter. Content marketing, SEO techniques, business marketing, copywriting and more offer avenues to explore beyond writing technique.

Time Management Tools


  • Trello and Zapier

Managing projects and calendars becomes easier and frees up writing time with these app-integrating team products.

  • CoSchedule, BoardBooster and Tailwind

Scheduling social media and maintaining an active presence become automated with these web apps.

  • Focus Booster or Time Out, Pomello or a Pomodoro Timer

These tools keep work focused yet remind of the periodic, short breaks needed to increase productivity.

  • RescueTime

While this product blocks distractions, it also details how time is spent offering hard data on how to better manage work activities.

Writing Tools

  • Grammarly

This tool thoroughly checks grammar and spelling to ensure well-written posts, a must for reader retention.

  • BuzzSumo

Checking popular posts of competitors or around a keyword, this product offers writers inspiration on topics and improvements to better connect with their audience.

  • Long Tail Pro, Semrush or KW Finder

Choosing and using keywords adds to the work of the copywriter and makes these tools coveted in SEO writing efforts.

  • Headlines (by KingSumo), Hubspot or Coschedule

The truth is that headlines make or break web content which is why these title creating and analyzing tools prove so useful.

Distraction Reduction

  • Hemingwrite

A retro word processing machine which keeps a writer focused by eliminating email, Facebook and Google searches, this option attracts only big spenders.

  • FocusWriter or Write Room

This software creates clean computer interfaces to keep visual clutter at bay while working.

  • Anti Social or Self Control

Blocking out sites for a specified time frame enables writers to avoid those which tempt to distraction.

  • Zero Willpower or Focus Lock

Distracting apps prove an unworthy opponent of these iOS and Android tools.

Accessory Equipment

While not necessary to the writing process, accessory equipment often offers convenience or creativity for copywriters. Considering if a content writer desires to use his or her own photographs or create a video blog determines the value of these options as gifts. Certainly, taking advantage of these products increases blogging variety.

  • DSLR camera
  • Specialized camera lens kit
  • Vlogging camera
  • Tripod
  • Phone mount
  • Photography lights
  • Lightbox

Gift Cards and Subscriptions


The benefit of gift cards and subscriptions for the giver is a quick online purchase. For the recipient, it means choosing an item which best suits him or her. Or, in the case of subscriptions saving money on a needed or convenient service.

  • Amazon
  • Starbucks (a good cup of Joe works wonders)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Stock Images or stock photo credits

Have you discovered plenty of ideas for gifting the content copywriter in your life? (even if it is you?) Or, has your creativity been sparked as to how your gift can increase efficiency and productivity? We at Copywriter Today would love to hear from you.

Please comment below to share what you might give this year (we promise to keep your secret) or post more ideas on gifts which solve the everyday problems of copywriters. Together, we can encourage the publication of quality content across the Web.

P.S. If you do not have a content writer to gift or struggle with copywriting efforts, sign up with us today. While our qualified copywriters are not expecting a gift, they would love to help you draft excellent content.

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