So You Think You Want to Blog

by Gabe Arnold

First, just what is a blog?

A blog is a web log. It’s an interactive online business journal. And it is an online conversation between a business or a professional and those who buy from them. With a blog you can electronically tell the public, even the whole world, what you do and what your business mission is. You can note the specific passion that drives your company to be the best.

Via your informative posts, you help prospective customers learn what is different about you from other companies and firms. A blog gives you a platform to share your company story and prove a history of trustworthiness as a seller. You can explain your products and your services, their unique features and benefits, and why people need them and you. Thus you can demonstrate you are on the cutting edge—the one with the cost effective answers. When those in the market are searching online, your blog informs them how they can easily buy what they need from you.

Business writing on a blog

The type of writing for a business blog is business writing but it is still conversational. You are consulting and teaching with the bottom line of creating more sales still definitely in place. Teaching is the new sales. This is because today goods and services are technologically more complex. Thus needed are mini infomercial type posts to educate and  help the public. You want to write to simplify and clearly explain how your business solves problems and meets needs. Help people honestly with buying decisions that require product knowledge. The idea is to be a resource of expertise in your area.  A go-to company for people.

Blogs show a business cares

You as an owner, a CEO, or a top sales consultant and professional can demonstrate you care about customers by taking the time to write truly helpful posts for them. You be the one who goes to the trouble to publish information that serves your public. This will position you as a company that serves vs. uses people. Position yourself or brand yourself as the cutting edge voice with what you say on your blog. The resulting market trust will translate into sales. Going out of your way to problem solve will turn into an edge in product and service development. A blog can be a way to actively bless your customers.

Invaluable blog customer feedback

As noted blogs are interactive. The online format allows for comments, questions, and the posting of customer concerns. This is VERY helpful to your ultimate business success as you come to really know what your market is thinking and perceiving. You can gauge loyalty through blog comments.  Are you on target with the customer needs in your field?

Blog RSS subscriptions and social media sharing

Blogs can easily be a platform to launch businesses into consulting, ebook publishing, and public speaking as their blog grows and they grow with their blogs as authoritative voices in the marketplace. Use of comment forms, social media sharing of truly valuable content, building a subscriber base using RSS feeds and email subscriptions expands a business as a great content writer. In time a company can become an industry leader and find a profit center helping other companies or firms. An authority is what you want to be, and blogging can help you become that.

Copywriter Today knows the blogosphere

At Copywriter Today we know the blogosphere—the world of blogging. We can help with visually appealing and scannable format. Copywriter Today trains our editors in up to date online copywriting. We use technology to perfect grammar and check for original content. We hire copywriters who can write. Copywriter Today knows what works and what doesn’t with blogs. We can help you decipher SEO and use analytics that measure readership and reader responses. Our writer / editors can help you say things well. We edit so that you speak clearly and create a professional presence. We know blogs can help you sell yourself a lot more. Contact us today and see how we can take your blogs to the next level.

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