Quality SEO Writing Services Effectively Harness the Force of Failure to Rally Your Target Audience

by Gabe Arnold

Perhaps you tried your hand at SEO, even analytics. Keywords, meta descriptions and links gain you high Yoast scores. Yet, it does not seem to be working. Your audience fails to engage. Leads plateau. Fortunately, SEO writing services can help.

SEO teams use analytics to drive change and head off disasters in your digital marketing campaign. And, while the goal remains to decrease ineffective copy, transforming lackluster, inefficient or low ranking content is an important reality as well.

One job of SEO writing services is to know the success and failure of each piece of content. Even more so, knowing what to do with so-called failures falls in their capable hands. Discouragement may set in and cause you to shrink back. But, SEO experts stand firm.

You have heard it before, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall; it is the getting up that counts. Or, trying is not failing; failing is never trying at all. The quips and quotes seem never ending in telling you to keep on keeping on.

And, these words hold wisdom in digital marketing. Taking a risk is vital to progress. But, the threat of failure looms as well.

So, let’s look at what failure means in the eyes of SEO teams and how their approach to this concept harnesses the power to rally your target audience. (Hint: Think analytics.)


The dictionary keeps it simple. Failure means a lack of success. In other words, what you intended to happen just didn’t. This is not necessarily a reflection on your character. You tried. It didn’t work. Now it’s time to try again. Easier said than done.

In digital copy, sometimes pieces of content just do not reach the intended audience. Or, they fall flat in their ability to draw traffic or garner leads. While the goal is to minimize such copy, the fact of the matter is that it gets written and published via the web.

However, should you continue to pursue the same failing approach, again and again, your intelligence may come into question. And, if you tackled the problem, in the same way, expecting a different result? Well, that is the definition of insanity. On the contrary, if you walked away altogether, some might label you a quitter.

SEO Writing Service Success

But, successful SEO teams know how to assess victorious content. They understand how to revitalize pieces which fail to work well. And, their watchful eyes keep this all in perspective before the launching of poor content spells business disaster.

Failure in a digital sense births creativity and innovative ideas. It forces you to think outside the box and even reveals new desirable outcomes. Often, these exciting avenues remain hidden by content which holds it own. In short, dreaded outcomes grow content and raise it to heights unknown.

One of my favorite quotes on the experience of failure comes from the oft-quoted lips of Theodore Roosevelt. Perhaps it is already familiar to you.

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming … who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.” 

So, how do you dare greatly and wisely? SEO teams do it with analytics.

Daring Greatly With Content Analytics

Nearly 60 percent of companies believe analytics to be an essential part of their business over the next five years. Add to this that just over 30 percent say measurement is definitely needed and the value of analytics becomes apparent.

Likely, what business men and women realize is that getting content efforts right the first time and every time thereafter proves nearly impossible. After all, you are working with and predicting the behavior of people. And, let’s be honest, human feelings, experiences and whims merge in a complicated fusion.

Analytics enable you or an SEO writing service to effectively measure the somewhat allusive engagement and activity of your target audience. And, this assessment breathes a bit of assurance into your marketing campaign.

You must admit that content feels less like a shot-in-the-dark when you hold a picture of targeted consumers in your hand. With an understanding of reader personality, habits and behaviors, you gain focus. And, analytics assemble this image.

Measuring Human Behavior

Of course, measuring human behavior is not a neat and tidy science of numbers. (Even those sciences which rely on numbers alone run into issues.) However, the general flow of a digital marketing strategy looks like this:

  • Define and evaluate success according to your parameters, not another company’s ideas.
  • Identify key performance indicators (KPI) based on your business objectives.
  • Determine methods to measure all KPIs.
  • Use analytic insight to drive strategy and reach objectives.
  • Rinse and repeat.

In short, try, watch, adjust, and do it again.

A valuable reminder: SEO builds over time.This proactive rather than reactive marketing strategy requires patience. But, the presence of failure (simply, content which is not working well) coupled with the constraint of analytics spurs creativity and moves you forward.

Analytics SEO Writing Services Use

Quantitative data gathered from analytics measures digital human behavior. In doing so, SEO teams offer you broad and detailed views of your content’s impact on the target audience.

Failing copy reveals vital information and needed changes. In other words, knowing how you missed the mark breeds strategies for better aim. Or, you may find you have unexpectedly hit a new bullseye.

Wise SEO experts make adjustments and turn struggling copy into compelling content. And, remember again, this success is based on your definitions and evaluative terms.

Consider a few examples of needed analytics:

Hitting the Target

Are you engaging the audience you intended to target? What traffic is traveling down your funnel? Examining analytics may leave you with the shocking revelation that you are reaching a good number of readers outside your target. Perhaps you aimed to reach millennials but instead, the boomers are flocking to your content.

In response, this data allows you to adjust. You can adapt content to hit the original target. On the other hand, you also retain the option to continue serving the unintentionally discovered audience. If this does not stretch your focus too thin, you may just have opened a new market.

The picture of audience engagement develops from broad data such as site visits, pages per visit, time spent on a page, bounce rates and other general measures. However, more detailed analysis brings even greater reward.

Digging Deeper

Knowing and hitting an audience demographic falls short of the deeper measures required to adequately connect to readers. And, those analytics which just say you are popular or liked such as page views and shares, while useful, provide an incomplete picture.

Habits and needs, interests, questions and problems the consumer seeks answers for open doors of interaction if you are in-the-know. Furthermore, it is vital to understand how guests interact with your content. And, guesstimating fails to get to the heart of the matter. Fortunately, analytics get you there.

Real-time buyer information allows you to tailor content to match the buyer’s journey. Going beyond page visits, bounce rates and email opens gets the job done. Specifically, collecting data which analyzes a consumer’s buying process with your company enables you to provide needed content along the way.


Providing links and backlinks build your authority and brand. These SEO powerhouses also connect your name with previously untapped consumers. In other words, they spread the word by linking you to prospects, colleagues and industry leaders.

In fact, links continue to rank as one of the top measures in improving your visibility to search engines. Furthermore, they help establish an effective long-term SEO strategy when used well.

Measuring this SEO content element proves fairly simple for its significant impact. Look at total link counts, links from authority sites and highly relevant site links to get a full picture on how well you use this feature.

Goal Alignment

Again, it is important to know if your content is accomplishing the goals you set out to achieve. And, quality copy does this along the length of the sales journey.

For instance, does your content lead to a sale? Or, are your CTA buttons seeing action? Considering analytics on how consumers engage with copy allows you to pinpoint which material is driving sales interactions and closing the deal.

By conducting this type of analysis, you gain insight to improve the quality and relevance of content at all points of the sales funnel. In other words, you close the gaps along the way that cost you customers.


Adjacent to analytics, return on investment must be measured. With the push and hype toward analytics, getting caught in the whirlwind fails to benefit you. Not only does jumping to the deep end of analytics gather too much data, it costs you too much.

Consider these questions:

  • What impact are your  SEO efforts having on revenue?
  • Is the cost of creating and promoting copy worth the investment?
  • How does efficiency play a role?

Measuring these bottom line types of questions enables you to assess if you are doing too much or too little. With regard to content creation and even analysis, either extreme puts you in a danger zone. Using such insight to identify ways to tighten up the ship benefits your SEO efforts.

The Analytics You Need

Not all analytics are created equal for all companies. Your business objectives (as mentioned previously) and the goal of each piece of content help determine the needed analytics.

The Process

Try this simple process:

  • Begin by jotting down the goal for each content piece.
  • Ask yourself questions which help determine if you are accomplishing the goal.
  • Identify possible data points to measurably answer these questions.

(Check out Content Science’s Content Goals + Evaluation Worksheet for inspiration.)

In implementation:

  • Start small and develop each piece and measurement well.
  • Keep in mind the larger vision and scale to big data.
  • Collect and analyze, interpret and act.

Getting It Done

The goal of analytics is to determine if your content accomplishes your objectives. Regular data collection on the interaction of consumers with your copy leads to this end when aligned with your goals. Be sure your approach is systematic, reliable and accurate to get the clearest picture.

However, the most important step? Act. Without action, data gathering is useless. A waste of time. A waste of money. So, be brave and leap into action.

Note: Beware that too much information can hinder your cause as much as too little. You simply cannot turn all that jargon and those caveats into intelligent action.

While SEO content services remove the burden of this process from your task list, assessing content on your own is doable. Just consider the time, knowledge and investment required to do so.

Automation helps in this regard as well. Some measurements prove repeatable and automatable. In other words, capabilities exist for you to set the criteria and the analytics are gathered. With the advance of technology, automated processes allow data gathering, decision making, record management and process initiation without your oversight.

Bottom Line

Business blogger, Colleen Jones from Content Science boldly states, “What matters to an organization gets measured. If your organization does not measure content in a meaningful way, content does not matter to your organization.”

Analytic data proves to be an asset for your content marketing strategy, business objectives and bottom line. Knowing if your copy is doing what you intend it to keeps your work focused and on track.

Among other benefits, analytics harness the power of failure to grow the reach of your content marketing campaign. Better engagement with your current audience or the discovery of a new profitable target are just two examples of how.

To find out more about SEO writing services, contact us today. Your free consultation awaits as does the excitement of flourishing content.

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