SEO Writing Companies Effectively Blend Old and New to Boost Results

by Gabe Arnold

I have seen it in academic institutions, coaching settings, businesses and more. The new (often younger though not always), energetic leaders take up residence. The slate is wiped clean and filled with innovative and newly researched strategies. How does this thinking impact SEO writing companies?

The problem I see in any work environment is trifold. Obliterating the past in favor of the cutting edge:

  • Reinvents the proverbial wheel.
  • Threatens employee morale.
  • Wipes out effective systems.

Consider this: Why re-work a system, strategy or technique if it proves effective as is or with minor tweaking? What do your actions say to trusted, loyal employees when all of their ideas are tossed for the new?

You may be thinking this illustration is a bit extreme. But, reality proves that in the zeal to improve and move organizations forward human beings sometimes get overzealous. With ideas brimming and eagerness on our side, we fill workspaces with what we know, seeing the clear faults rather than strengths in the paths laid before us.

However, value lies in the systems and foundations of the past. And, value comes with innovation and cutting edge bravery. To be successful, one does not exist without the other. And, this truism proves itself in SEO marketing campaigns as well.

Let’s talk about it.

The Value of Old and New

Consider an elderly grandparent, neighbor or family friend. Eighty plus years of life experience, business know-how and people skills lie in his or her mind. In fact, he proves a living, breathing, walking Internet of sorts.

One conversation leads to a wealth of information. Yet, in the busyness of getting ahead human beings rarely slow to ask the question which starts the dialogue. And, this point is especially accurate on the way to blazing new trails.

But, even the pioneers took basic tools into the new world. Tools fashioned by and taught them by their ancestors. While the unfamiliar territory required new homesteaders to learn new skills from the land and its inhabitants, the tools of the past proved useful as well.

How Does This Relate to SEO?

Let’s bring this into a marketing understanding. While effective SEO campaigns birth the need for creative and new strategies, the old is not left in the dust. In fact, some valuable, old-fashioned efforts lay a foundation to build upon.

However, new ways of using old marketing concepts and new ideas are required for the greatest success. A blend of the two worlds takes the best from each and formulates an integrated strategy.

In other words, to achieve success, SEO writers need to recognize that new and old techniques offer value, relevancy and accuracy. And, merging the two brings benefits to content which surpasses either alone.

Merging Old and New in SEO Writing Companies

Search engine optimization (SEO) never entered the wildest dreams of our marketing forefathers. Honestly, can you even understand where all of this high-speed digital growth is going tomorrow?

Let’s look at three ways old and new merge in regard to SEO content.

Word of Mouth 

The most used and trusted marketing tool remains word of mouth. To toss out this old school technique of generating interest and leads proves foolish even to modern business leaders. And, if you question the efficacy and speed, refresh yourself on the travel speed of gossip.

Digital technology adds the means of innovation to word of mouth. While front porches, backyard BBQs and coffee clutches still spread the word about your product or brand, online reviews and social media platforms boost peer conversations. And, search engines like organic buzz.

Print Media

While paperless, mobile and digital methods claim to be the rage, print media continues to impact audiences. Traditional staples such as a quality brochure or print ad find their value in bridging the distrust of unfamiliar Internet companies.

The next step becomes running mobile or social media friendly versions of print materials (more quality content for Google to latch onto). At a fraction of the cost, digital use of printed materials increases viewership and covers both ends of the marketing spectrum creating a wider audience.

People Power

The pull of technology and easy systems threaten to undo the personal, human nature of any business. Old school marketing occurred over lunch or in a quick meet up. Face-to-face contact where body language and tone of voice tell consumers that you value them breeds results.

Keeping this human touch while automating systems avoids people feeling missed. Modern technology engages audiences in conversation via social media, allows face-to-face meetings on Skype and enables quicker follow up through email. Plus, analytics breed content which touches the reader’s heart as well as Google’s.

(For practical examples on merging the old school and innovative, check out the Kissmetrics blog.)

Moving to Stronger SEO Content

Incorporating the old and new to pave the way to innovative SEO solutions requires knowledge and expertise. SEO writing companies offer these qualities to your company.

To improve your SEO content, contact us today. A free consultation is waiting for you.

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