Bravely Tackling SEO Content Services Yet Watching Your Copy Derail

by Gabe Arnold

What kind of week has it been for you? Have your SEO content services been boosting your business? Or, are they lackluster? Is your company thriving or threatening to derail? What is the atmosphere of your workforce, energetic and passionate or humdrum and unproductive?

One minute you are on the top of your game with traffic streaming in and sales climbing. And, one turn of the head finds you streaking down a steep slope without brakes. This is business.

It’s a roller coaster ride, isn’t it?

To be honest and transparent, this week threatened to break me. Sometimes, despite my best efforts, time runs away from me, relationships struggle, technology works against rather than with me and … well, work and life simply drain me of all energy.

Can you remember a time when you’ve given everything only to find yourself further behind than when you started? Those days when it feels like your business, maybe even your life, is caving in despite your hard work?

The dips and dark tunnels of the roller coaster leave you facing another uphill climb. The deluge experienced in your front seat position stops your breath and drenches you in shivering shock. This is not the ride the American dream promised.

Maybe you are there now.

Has it been a day? Week? Month? Year? Do you even remember? Truthfully, time warps dreadfully out of perspective amid unexpected twists and turns. Just consider that even the heart pumping thrill of your favorite coaster seems it will never end but likely lasts less than three minutes.

So, how do you respond in these trying valleys other than pleading with the calendar to turn a new leaf and reveal the light of day? Please allow me to share some insight with you that I am learning along the way.

1. Get Up

As toddlers learning to use unstable legs, the first thing human beings are taught is to stand back up after a fall. The phrase is simple, “Get up!” But, the ramifications and lessons run deep. Whether you are facing a financial crunch, unending client issues or SEO content which breeds only silence, the advice to not stay mired in the muck proves valuable.

Seek Others

Just as your mom got you back to your feet as a walking newbie, sometimes you need to seek help. Similar to your dad holding the bike seat as he ran along behind you, at times, resources beyond yourself prove beneficial. Colleagues, mentors and friends offer support which enables you to get back on your feet again.

But, sometimes our pride gets in the way, doesn’t it? We refuse to ask for help. Recognizing human beings are relational needing one another to reach their full potential gives you the boost in humility needed to reach out to others.

Tutorials, classes and companies offering SEO content services lift you with encouragement, inspiration and novel ideas. You may just need an innovative idea to spark your motivation. The testimony of a comrade may bear witness to the fact that the struggle is real and boosts you from your slump. Or, you may need all-hands-on-deck support. Take courage, and ask for help.

Change Position 

Moving from a face down, hands-braced-to-break-your-fall position to a more vertical one brings beneficial changes. First, standing up tall creates a physical change from a position of defeat to one strength. Think how easy it is to curl into retreat from a downed position.

Second, where human eyes look is the direction the rest of the body tends to move. Landing face down keeps your focus on the defeat. On the other hand, raising your head (and eyes) forces you to look upward and outward.

In regard to SEO content, keeping your eyes on the low valleys and accumulating trials focuses your mind on the problem. And, solutions tend to allude those staring directly into the face of any issue. And, all too commonly, paralyzing fear sets in. Changing position shakes you out of this mental paralysis. Move around and look at the problem from different angles.

Address Wounds

Once you stand vertical, gaping wounds begin to call with their all-too-familiar pain. While often human beings prefer to ignore or minimize hurt, its purpose is to alert us that something is wrong. These issues must be addressed for your health with patience and care.

In the world of business, strained working relationships and antagonistic partnerships hold you back from reaching your goals. Hurts permitted to fester bring continued strife. And, struggling personal relationships impact your work in ways unseen.

Also, fallout from a downward spiral must be addressed to propel your company forward. Damage done to processes, systems, company reputation and more requires a solution and plan to recover. For instance, do you need to reconcile the content and sales departments? Will social media efforts need refreshing after a scathing review? Identify the wounds and dress them for proper healing.

2. Shake It Off

From my days in high school sports, the phrase “shake it off” still rings in my mind. In fact, it seems I am destined to repeat these wise words each time one of my children a misses a play or falls in the field. It basically means: Get up. Knock the dirt off. Keep playing. But, do not dismiss it as trite. There is truth to this encouraging chant wielded at baseball diamonds which applies to your business.

Sort Fact From Fiction

To get out of the muck, you need to grab the situation. Wrestle it. And, pull the truth from it. Human minds begin filling gaps and creating stories the moment a mistake is made or hard times hit. Blaming others or ourselves may be one of the most common and damaging tales we weave.

Self-blame spins a spiral of defeat that lands you back on your hands and knees. And, pushing the responsibility onto others causes division on the team or in the workplace. Neither is profitable for solving problems or moving forward. After all, looking inward or at others only causes you to bump into more issues.

In truth, derailments and crashes offer problem-solving opportunities which put you on the track stronger than you were previously. But, you must sort out the truth from the misperceptions and over-analyses to be sure you are chasing the right dragon. Tools such as analytics and consumer surveys highlight the facts and void the fiction of your SEO content strategies.

Gain Perspective

Sometimes the inability to sort fact from fiction derives from a skewed perspective. Much like changing our position, unexpected dives and dips in the journey bring and breed a fresh perspective. Seeing things anew opens doors which previously remained hidden from view.

To explain further, human beings can be lulled by the status quo. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However, this colloquialism stalls business progress. In the face of a problem, you are forced to see things differently. The status quo fails to be relevant.

Content marketing failures present the opportunity to re-evaluate. Look at analytics, consider the audience’s experience, check out competitors and more. Change your perspective from the inside, outside, even upside down to determine how to improve your copy. Furthermore, the resolution of an issue reveals a renewed understanding of your strengths as well.

Forget Past Mistakes

While learning from your mistakes benefits you, living in them keeps you … well, stuck. With the truth and a right perspective as your foundation, leave the rest at your feet and walk away. In other words, forget the past.

In a driven world, we tend to beat ourselves up for our missteps and flaws and weaknesses. While this natural inclination and even false humility seem appropriate, they rarely produce positive results. Let me say it again, they just keep you stuck. Seeking forgiveness where needed and leaving the past as the past helps you succeed.

Even with digital content,  a voracious appetite to right previous wrongs stalls you. Again, targeting your attention on mistakes and striving at all costs to fix them limits your perspective, creativity and problem-solving abilities. On the other hand, rightly balancing humility, forgiveness and learning moves you forward in healthy ways. without dragging your baggage along.

3. Move Forward

Part of the problem of falling is that you lose ground. However, the devastation of such incidents lessens greatly with the increased rate at which they propel you forward. What? Yes, trials improve your strength, thinking and skills which mean faster forward movement afterward. While this concept may seem counter intuitive, let me explain.

Plot Your Next Move

After you “shake it off” by mining the truth, gaining perspective and leaving the past behind, determining needed changes gains you footing to move. Using the lessons from your derailment to pinpoint problems and brainstorm solutions prepares you for forward motion.

Next, prioritizing the identified changes gives you an overall plan. Which SEO issues should be tackled first? Is there a natural order? Do financial constraints determine what lands at the top and bottom of the list? Or, do you first solve the issues promising the greatest impact? Your mission, values and wildly important corporate goals help mold this list of priorities.

Finally, plot your next move. Identifying the problem proves incomplete without developing solutions and creating action steps to reach resolution. Brainstorming multiple solutions with teams of invested people allows you to think beyond the box. Keep these meetings judgement free with plenty of room for creativity. Then, choose the optimal solution and be clear as to how you will make it happen.

One Foot Then the Other

Now, you must simply put one foot in front of the other. Wobbly or sure-footed, you need to take action on the planning and plotting. But, there is no need to blaze forward. This is overwhelming. Instead, take one step at a time.

Paralyzing fear remains the problem for many of us. Yet, planning without ever taking action reaps worse results than stumbling again. Keep this truth and your end goal in mind to motivate you to continue in forward progress.

Once you identify the top SEO content problems, top solution and action steps, take heart and your first step. In other words, from this point, just do it. The saying goes that courage is not the absence of fear but acting in spite of it. Choose courage. After all, this step is not an emotional reaction but a thought out, analyzed, strategic move.

Just Keep Moving

I admit, as my week threatened to undo me, I contemplated curling up in the comfy covers and snoozing it off. And, while rest and sleep bring valuable perspective and restorative processes to our minds and bodies, avoidance fails to solve problems.

Without acting rashly or out of sheer emotion, continuing to move is vital. Plus, momentum proves valuable in propelling you forward as well. Think of the proverbial rolling stone…no moss…always making an impact.

In content, SEO waits for no one. The speed of the Internet and search engine algorithms rank and reward day and night whether you are present or not. Therefore, any missed time works against you. In other words, sitting and wallowing in indecision or the mire of problems hinders your efforts and damages your campaign. You cannot make your ascent to the beautiful view at the pinnacle of the coaster nor will you reach the end if you are hung up in the valley. You must keep moving.

We Are Here to Help With SEO Content Services

Remaining tempted to continue to dwell on the problems of my whirlwind week, I lost perspective. Trapped in my own mind, I hunkered down determined to survive without looking up for a renewed perspective or to others for needed resources. Many items on the to-do list dropped, and the wear of the roller coaster on my body and mind took its toll on my energy and productivity. In short, I remembered in the less-than-easy way the value of getting up, dusting off and moving.

Can I suggest that you take a different, better track?

At Copywriter Today, our passion is helping you curate strong SEO content which produces the results you desire. Shove that pride aside and contact us today for a free consultation. Your roller coaster may just prove less jolting and the fun it was designed to be.

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