10 Reasons to Divorce Your SEO Content Services Company

by Gabe Arnold

Is your website a bit weighty despite the help of SEO content services?

Does your content need to trim a bit of flab?

Are you ranking less than a “10” on the attraction scale?

Like a personal trainer, an SEO content services company whips your web content into shape. But, if your SEO agency falls short of delivering a strategy which fits you, an amicable separation is at hand.

Consider these 10 reasons to say goodbye:

1. Lone Ranger Tactics

To serve you well, an SEO agency requires input from you. Consider how a personal trainer tests strength before beginning a fitness routine or weighs you before a weight loss program. Quality SEO service companies ask about access to your:

  • Content management system.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Adwords.
  • Social Media accounts.

They also want to know:

  • SEO goals and objectives.
  • Keywords you want to rank for.
  • Previous SEO audits and work.

Flying solo without checking in leads to false results. If this characterizes the agency you pay, a better option awaits you.

2. The Waiting Game

SEO results require time to emerge. Consider that weight loss and muscle gain do not happen overnight. However, quality SEO content services offer plenty of tangible products while waiting.

Expect a:

  • Site audit.
  • Timetable.
  • Link profile analysis.
  • Articles with backlinks.
  • Strategy outline.

While every SEO company offers a different package, the point is that proof of work is available. Agencies which put you off with wait-and-see answers deserve to go.

3. SEO Content Services Secret Strategies

In the gym, your trainer explains the exercises, reasons behind them and how to do them correctly for improved results. In the same way, reputable SEO companies share strategies with their clients. Education is part of the process.

Secrets and vague methodologies send warnings to business owners. If your SEO service company fails to offer clear and specific information on methodology, say goodbye before greater problems arise.

4. Difficult Communication

With modern technology, a variety of tools help to easily maintain contact with others. Ongoing and responsive communication with your SEO services company is expected. Agents who are difficult to reach for answers, information or changes miss the mark.

Plus, clear, forthright language (devoid of jargon) builds a trusted working relationship. On the other hand, high-end terms you do not understand indicate suspicious practices, not expertise. Move on.

5. One Program Fits All

Your unique company deserves a personal SEO strategy. Customized plans work best. Agents who take the time to understand your company and business objectives tailor make SEO strategies to fit your needs.

Diet alone does not solve the health woes of all people, nor does running or boxing workouts. One-size-fits-all programs fail to meet the SEO needs of most businesses. If your SEO company forces you to fit into one methodology, knock it out of the ring.

6. Outdated Expertise

SEO continues to evolve as the Internet gets more sophisticated. Modern, quality content services keep in-the-know on changing algorithms, keyword best practices and other factors in getting noticed.

Agencies which stick to one methodology or rely on outdated strategies fail. And, your SEO fails as well. If your SEO services are falling behind the times, leave them there.

7. Suspicious Backlinks

Quality SEO agencies know backlinks indicate site health. And, link building practices rank on their priority list. Backlinks related to your area of business from reputable sites build authority.

If your SEO service company proves unable to fix backlink quality, serious trouble results for you. Find another agency with the skills to do so.

8. Poor Reporting


The scale indicates weight lost, and the tape measure calculates inches dropped. Keeping you apprised of the strategies and progress of SEO falls within the role of content services. Expect:

  • Monthly reports.
  • On-demand reports.
  • Interpretation, analysis and assimilation of figures.
  • Year-to-year and month-to-month performance reports.

SEO is not a Lone Ranger service. This partnership requires ongoing report exchanges between you and the company you hire. A lack of comprehensive and regular reporting indicates a necessary end to the relationship.

9. Lack of Measurable Results

When building muscle, you expect to see definition. These results motivate you to continue in the right direction. Without them, you switch up the course of action.

Similarly, SEO content services demonstrate measurable results or adjust the plan. Without hard evidence as to measurable results, your SEO company fails to get the job done. It is that simple.

10. No Consultation


To start with a personal trainer, a one-on-one meeting proves important for him or her to understand your lifestyle and fitness goals. Similarly, an SEO consultation, especially at no cost, demonstrates a company’s sincerity in working with you. During this meeting, expect your agent to:

  • Get to know your company.
  • Outline the services provided.
  • Recommend services helpful to you.
  • Answer your questions.

The lack of time spent with you raises a red flag. While not a reason to fire, in particular, this oversight explains other issues and compounds other reasons to divorce your SEO services company.

If you are in need of quality SEO services, Copywriter Today offers a free consultation to get you started. Contact us today.

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