Sales Copy vs. Email Copy

by Gabe Arnold

If you’re reading this article, you are probably asking yourself, “Is sales copy or email copy better for my business?” That’s a great question.  

Along with the obvious visual differences — as a rule, these two forms of copy have very little in common. For one thing, their purposes tend to differ. Sales copy is designed to get people to take direct action, while email copy is used to build relationships with customers or create a funnel that helps with conversion rates. 

But, is one really more advantageous than the other? Read on to find out. 

What Is Sales Copy?

Sales copy (sometimes called direct response copy) is a type of marketing and advertising copy. It is the part of an advertisement that entices a consumer to purchase a product or service. Examples include purchasing, signing up, calling or any other direct response. 

When writing sales copy, put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. What does your product or service offer that they don’t already have? Why do they want or need it? How is your product or service superior to that of the competition? With the answers in mind, present them with a clearly defined call to action. 

What Is Email Copy?

Email copy consists of the text and subject lines found in an email to a customer or potential customer. This form of copy can serve as a jumping-off point for a sales funnel. Email copy also allows you to nurture existing customer relationships.  

What Are the Benefits of Sales Copy?

Sales copy is not about writing sales letters and emails but about writing anything that persuades people to take action. At its core, sales copy can: 

  • Capture your reader’s attention and persuade him or her to take action. 
  • Work in the form of a sales letter (pitch).
  • Persuade people to donate money to a charity, try out a new service or product or even increase their knowledge on a certain topic.

What Are the Benefits of Email Copy?

Email copywriting is not just about sending regular updates or making a sale. It’s about establishing a relationship with your subscribers and making yourself (and your content) indispensable to them. Here are just a few ways in which email marketing benefits your business:

  • It helps you connect more deeply with customers and prospects.
  • It strengthens your brand recognition.
  • It redirects readers to your sales copy.
  • It increases the number of visitors to your site or blog. 

Which Is Better: Sales Copy or Email Copy?

The simple answer is neither. Although they perform different functions, sales and email copy are equally powerful. If anything, sales copy and email copy can work in tandem to better leverage your marketing efforts. 

Need more answers? At Copywriter Today, our mission is to help you and your business by creating the perfect sales and email copy. As a full-service marketing firm, we’ll help you optimize your content, driving higher traffic to your site, socials or blog. Contact Copywriter Today to get started!

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