Quick! What Results Do Effective Content Writing Companies Produce?

by Gabe Arnold

Content writing companies work to fill the Internet with copy. Blog posts, articles, web page text, product descriptions and more fall within the scope of these word-weaving workhorses.

As the need for more frequent postings of updated content rises, business teams find themselves strapped to meet the demand. The decision becomes whether to stress the current staff, hire more in-house writers or outsource.

Can you relate?

Unfortunately, avoiding the issue damages your web presence. Internet scrollers quickly click from outdated, irrelevant sites. And, search engines lose interest. In light of this, increasing fresh content becomes a do-or-die proposition.

With freelance content writers at-the-ready, a writing company offers a solution. But, hesitations may arise. After all, something this important requires careful consideration. And, I agree.

So, what results do effective content writing services produce? Is this a viable option when timetables and task lists are stretched out of sight?

The Quick List of Results

Execution of content strategy continues as a problem for many companies. The urgency and rush to get this type of marketing rolling leave little time to do it well.

And, not surprisingly, according to the Aberdeen Report, “startlingly few marketers feel they are effectively producing and tracking their content.” Yet, even with these admissions, content marketing produces promising results.

To capitalize on these returns and calm concerns, content-generating companies offer a solution to this lack of understanding. Plus, coupling this knowledge with writers focused solely on producing content eliminates time constraints as well.

With an eagerness to get moving on this decision, you may find little time to sufficiently research your options. Check out this quick list of 25 results produced by outsourcing your content. Perhaps, it will be the boost you need to take the leap.

Check This Out…

Effective content-producing companies offer:

  • Boosted brand visibility.

QUICK FACT: 70 percent of marketers believe content marketing increases brand awareness.

  • Greater quality content on your site.
  • Copy reflective of your ethos and style.
  • Original written content.

QUICK FACT: Visuals and videos fall behind original written content. In fact, 58 percent of marketers believe it to be the most important type of content.

  • Sufficient, frequent content postings.
  • Relevant, helpful information across the Web.
  • Improved reader engagement.
  • Higher conversion rates.

QUICK FACT: Well-crafted content strategies see potentially six times higher conversion rates than no content plan.

  • Traffic driven by blog content.
  • Increased quality leads.

QUICK FACT: Content marketing raises quality lead generation by 74 percent).

  • Search engine favorability.
  • Decreased click-aways due to less than fresh, relevant content.
  • Rise in your search engine or Google rankings.
  • Creative conversion tactics such as video formats.
  • Productivity growth of current staff and in terms of postings.
  • Multi-faceted content marketing tactics which maximize potential.
  • Trust and relationship building.

QUICK FACT: 78 percent of consumers equate custom content with company interest in generating good relationships.

  • Authority and reputation in your industry.
  • Analytics to measure marketing efforts.
  • Expert changes to address content issues.
  • Alignment with the buyer’s journey for increased touchpoints.
  • Higher return on investment (ROI) on blogging material.
  • Social media success.

QUICK FACT: 89 percent of companies write content for social media platforms.

  • Decreased cost

QUICK FACT: Content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional strategies.

Sound enticing?

Well, don’t delay. Over 75 percent of CMOs believe custom content lays the foundation of future marketing. Now is the time to get in the game.

Outsourcing to Writing Companies

The truth is that 70 percent of businesses lack an integrated content strategy. And, 44 percent of marketers admit content production rises as a primary challenge.

In other words, if these issues ring true in your experience, you are in plentiful company. And, with outsourcing on your mind, get this: writing tops outsourced content marketing activity at 44 percent.

Content-producing companies save you time and money while offering benefits to your bottom line. Furthermore, the breathing room offered to your in-house staff reaps rewards untold.

Freelance writers keep on top of trends, strategies and algorithms which leave your head and daily clock spinning. With their partnership, you gain the freedom to tackle the other vital aspects of your business.

Time to bite the bullet and research writing companies?

As you consider this, know that you have options. Check it out:

  • Statistics reveal that some marketers outsource 18 percent of content with the rest created in-house.
  • And, two-thirds outsource less than 30 percent of their content needs according to LinkedIn.
  • Plus, the best business bloggers report 24 percent outsourced content.

With 62 percent of companies using outsourced content marketing, partnering with writing companies shows even greater viability. And, you control how much content is produced in-house versus the quantity handed off.

So, take the leap!

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P.S. Leave a comment below on the most intriguing aspect of partnering with a writing company. Or, what percentage of your content is outsourced?

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