10 Plus Reasons to Give Thanks for Your Blog Copywriter

by Gabe Arnold

Have you said “thank you” to your go-to advisor? Told your spouse the reasons you appreciate him or her? Boasted of the character of your children in their presence? Expressed gratitude for your marketing genius, intern or blog copywriter?

In this season of gratitude, I find myself taking moments to recognize the value of others in my life. The recent passing of my father-in-law also begs me to take stock of the gifts others possess. My husband, children, boss, pastor, friends all offer unique worth to the world as I have come to know it.

The same holds true of our business relationships. While expressions of thankfulness come more naturally at home and among friends, they reap value in the workplace as well. In truth, gratitude is a principle we cannot afford to miss.

The Value of Gratitude


Finding reasons to be thankful for others and expressing it to them through word, text or action builds relationships. It makes others feel good or appreciated while bringing vigor to our hearts. Yes, gratitude does all bodies good. Or, so we have been told.

But, what real value does gratitude hold for our lives and the success of our businesses?

For You

While I tend to think of expressions of gratitude as a gift to someone else, saying, “thank you” to others offers boomerang benefits. Yes, I have experienced those unexpected gifts which come back to the gratitude giver. And, I am certain based on research that this concept applies in your life as well.

In fact, Robert Emmons, a leading scientific expert on gratitude, studied people after asking them to keep a gratitude journal for just three weeks. His findings reveal a host of benefits in people, ages eight to 80. The physical, psychological and social arenas all exhibited positive impact when merged with thankfulness.

For instance, the consistent practice of gratitude led to:

  • Strengthened immune systems.
  • Less aches and pains.
  • Lowered blood pressure.
  • Better sleep.
  • Increased alertness.
  • Greater joy and pleasure.
  • Higher levels of positive emotions.
  • Fewer experiences of loneliness and isolation.
  • Enhanced senses of forgiveness.
  • Improved acts of outgoing behavior.

And, this is the short list. Indeed, research supports the principle that extending gratitude rewards you, the giver.

For Your Business

So, this concept proves helpful in your personal life, but what value is there for your business? How does the impact of expressing thanks play out in your work roles and the workplace as a whole? Does gratitude provide a significant return on investment?

By Impacting You

First, thankfulness simply makes us more pleasant people to be around. Gratitude practitioners magnify and sustain positive emotions and block toxic ones. In other words, the goodness of life is celebrated and destructive emotions such as envy, resentment and even depression reduce in frequency and duration. In fact, Emmons research indicates that practicing gratitude increases happiness by 25 percent.

Second, gratitude increases our stress resistance. And, I am believing that there is at least a bit of stress in every job environment. Extending thankfulness bolsters your character for times of adversity. In other words, an economic hit, a failed project or boss-employee friction is weathered with greater success and peace of mind when gratitude has been cultivated.

Finally, self-worth and humility build with acts of thankfulness. Recognizing support plus seeing the good in others and ourselves bolsters a right perspective of situations and those involved. And, this humble confidence bodes well for business success.

By Impacting Your Workplace

Furthermore, the benefits extend to the workforce. In fact, taking advantage of the opportunity to express gratitude to those who work for you pays off. According to Globoforce, companies lacking effective recognition programs experience 46 percent greater turnover than companies with them. This changing of the guard equates to as much as a $41.3 million loss.

On the other hand, gratitude in the workplace increases:

  • Motivation.
  • A sense of commitment to the company.
  • Engagement.
  • Emotional well-being.
  • Social connections.

As might seem obvious, businesses thrive on such workforce qualities. In fact, 80 percent of workers who feel appreciated report the intention to stay with their current employer. From these numbers, gratitude may just prove foundational to your bottom line.

Expressing Gratitude in the Workplace


Let’s brainstorm a few ideas for expressing thankfulness in your business.

  • Praise. Letting employees know you appreciate them by verbal praise lands at the top of motivational factor lists. Even cash bonuses and pay increases do not receive this high ranking. Sadly, 65 percent of American workers report no praise or job recognition.
  • Thank you. Incorporating these two words into your everyday interactions with colleagues and employees makes great strides toward seeing the benefits of gratitude throughout the workplace. After all, 69 percent of employees work harder when appreciated, according to Work.com.
  • Employee Appreciation Day. Honoring established days such as Employee or Secretary Appreciation days offers a benchmark to make gratitude happen. While daily praise and thanksgiving reap the greatest rewards, specially sanctioned days give you a chance to go above and beyond the usual.
  • Flexible scheduling. Recognizing holidays and important times in the life of employees connects you to them. This connection breeds a sense of appreciation. Company calendars which allow for time off, hour adjustments or trading time with coworkers accomplishes this end.

Perhaps, the primary way to breed an atmosphere of thankfulness at work is to be a gratitude model. For instance, consider your blog copywriter and think about all he or she does and means to you and your business. Then, find opportunities to begin expressing sincerely your gratitude around these efforts.

If you are struggling to come up with a few ideas on what this part of your team actually accomplishes, look below for some inspiration.

Thank Your Blog Copywriter For…


Sharing Your Story

Through your blog, copywriters weave honest, engaging tales which attract your clients. After all, we consumers love a good story even more than a quality product. This story explains how your product or service amid all the others on the Internet fits consumers’ lifestyles, meets their needs and improves their futures.

Looking at client preferences, habits, age demographics, occupations and more, blog copywriters imagine and bring to life a narrative which is cohesive and attractive. This is no easy feat. Skill and insight merge in a blogger to grab a client’s attention through the written word.

Expressing Your Personality

While most copy written content is crafted to order, blogs allow you freedom to cautiously explore uncharted waters. It is not simply about the product or company. A blog expresses opinions, shares expertise, creates laughter, offers solutions, pushes a few buttons, flirts professionally.

In other words, this format lets you say a bit of what you want, not only what you must. In this way, blogs reveal your personality. And, this connects people to you. Your content writer crafts these glimpses into your soul with wit, expertise and care.

Building Your Brand

Nielson reports that 60 percent of Internet consumers worldwide purchase products from familiar brands rather than adopt a new brand. Yes, as creatures of habit, we are more comfortable with what we know. This fact speaks to the need for brand development.

Blogs offer a means to do just that. And, a quality copywriter accomplishes this task by spelling out your brand in a way which appeals to customers. Knowing the habits, preferences, needs and inquiries of your target audience, your content writer hones in on and creates text which builds your brand.

Earning Likes, Shares and Quotes

I am guessing you have heard and perhaps even researched the hot topic of quality content. In the arena of SEO, valuable text gets liked, shared and quoted via social media. Your blog writer gets you to this point.

And, with the current rage of social media marketing, your reach is broadened and leads are generated. Plus, much of your target audience is likely engaged with social media. This growing practice makes the format a perfect place to match prospects with relevant, quality information.

Allowing Clients to Know You Better

Your copywriter closes the gap between you and your audience. Through mediation, explanation and engagement, the writer introduces your company and product to website visitors. Creating this connection begins to build a relationship.

In brief, delivering information in the way your clients need it falls into the hands of your content writer. This one task tells consumers that you care about them and their feedback. And, achieving this end proves worthy of appreciation.

Creating Cohesion

While images and videos, infographics and photographs attract the attention of your audience, quality text ties it all together. Without written content, the message remains unclear. In truth, how does a consumer know how these varied elements relate?

Your copywriter makes clear the common bonds between disparate components to present your message. A master at language, the blogger expresses the heart of your company, its objectives and customer value through concise and relevant content.

Climbing Rankings

With the evolution of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), blogs hold power as to where your site appears in a Google search. Yes, quality content raises your rank. Also, authoritative blogs act as landing pages themselves, drawing traffic directly to your site.

The SEO knowledge that your content writer weaves into each post brings this untold value. Traffic and lead generation prove to be two such benefits. But, the tough climb up the Google ladder likely boasts more worth and deserves a nod to your copywriter (among others).

Growing Credibility and Authority

Authority and credibility prove valuable assets in business. And, your blog copywriter works toward developing this integrity in the name of your company. Detailing solutions, unfolding arguments and sharing trade secrets via a blog builds your reputation as an expert in ways the quips of social media fail.

Also, blogs say to clients, “You matter.” Going beyond the product and a sale to address the consumer’s needs earns valuable relational real estate. And, this translates to referrals, leads and sales. The degree to which your blog cuts through the Internet chatter as an industry leader applauds the work of your content writer.

Drawing Clients Back

In general, prospects peruse blogs to get a feel for your company. Therefore, these content pieces play a significant role in drawing new customers back to see new posts. But, business does not succeed with one and done strategies.

Current customers find interesting content a reason to return to your site which builds a loyal relationship. Plus, when site visitors are rewarded with regularly updated, relevant blogs, you grab their attention. Your content writer deserves the thanks for this.

Creating Time for You

At the very least, thank your copywriter for the time he or she saves you. With content marketing unmistakable in value, the time and skill with which writers weave blogs frees you to attend to other responsibilities. And, all the while, you remain confident knowing this part of your strategic plan runs well.

(Which means, you can take one of those freed up moments to say, “Thanks” in your unique way.)

The Gratitude Experiment


Does this give you an idea of how to incorporate thankfulness in the workplace? Are you beginning to see the value to yourself, the work atmosphere and your bottom line to do so?

If you still ride the fence, conduct an experiment of your own. Commit to practicing gratitude daily for three weeks. Try to:

  • Keep a gratitude journal or collage.
  • Verbalize “thank you” to five people each day.
  • Refuse gossip or negative talk.
  • Send thank you cards to those impacting your life.
  • Or, look to nature and find gratitude in the details.

The method can be unique to you. Simply choose an action, commit to it and live it. Notice any changes in you and those around you. Do the results inspire you prioritize gratitude in your personal and professional lives?

If so, extend this practice to each of your team members. While this takes time, the impact proves worth the effort. Increased team motivation, commitment and engagement offer the positive feedback destined to keep you on this course for a full return on investment.

If you do not have a blog copywriter, give us a shout to talk about our services. Copywriter Today would love to be on your team. Then, next year, you will be making your own list of reasons to be grateful.

P.S. Have another reason to be thankful for your copywriters? Comment below. Let’s keep the praise rolling and encourage those who mold our words. Or, share this article to inspire more workplaces characterized by gratitude. It will do us all good.

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