Produce Exceptional Printed Materials at the Hands of a Quality Brochure Copywriter

by Gabe Arnold

“Words are free. It’s how you use them that may cost you” (Kushandwizdom). Or, how you use them may profit you. An effective brochure copywriter can attest to this fact.

Fitting ample copy into the space of a tri-fold or smaller proves a challenge. So, which brochure qualities help a brochure copywriter create stellar marketing pieces which get results?

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Quality brochures are targeted. They recognize who reads the content and where the customer meets this printed piece along the buying journey.


You wouldn’t talk to a child using medical terminology. Nor would you share knitting secrets with an avid surfer (unless this proved to be a side hobby). Effective brochures address the needs and wants of your target audience in their language.

Sales Funnel

Does the brochure function for the point along the sales funnel it is to be used? Leave-behind, point-of-sale, response to an inquiry, direct mail and sales support brochures each require a different approach to your content.


Dull, unattractive brochures fail to attract attention, even if the information is creative and engaging. Unfortunately, as humans, we rarely look past a boring exterior to mine exciting truths.

Color and Images

Integrating color and sharp images into a brochure raises its value. Plus, this first impression needs to fit the business it represents. Charities, innovative modern companies and time-weathered family organizations require different looks.

White Space

Brochures communicate plenty of information. However, sacrificing white space (areas free of text) just may turn off readers. Effective brochures balance concise and thorough information with eye-pleasing layouts.


Too much mixing it up within a brochure or across your marketing campaign produces a chaotic feel. Consumers want something familiar and consistent.

From Within

Multiple fonts and varied images may seem amusing but for a consumer, confusion results. Brochures with limited fonts prove more appealing to readers. And, consistent language and imagery reinforce a brochure’s message.

From Without

A brochure needs to portray the same message within the same colors, design and feel of other marketing materials. Keeping with a consistent but not carbon copy look throughout a campaign improves branding and familiarity (popular with consumers).


Of course, next to communication, influencing consumers ranks high as to the purpose of a brochure. Drawing the readers in with a story and a focus on benefits is key.

Tell a Story

Humans are natural storytellers. We love a good story. Like your favorite novel, brochure content must contain a beginning, middle and end. Selling points organized attractively to the audience plot out the story.

Think: Readers First

Quality brochures put the reader at the forefront of their content. A focus on benefits to a consumer rather than talking about the product or service reveals the heart here. In other words, is the brochure designed for the company or the consumer?


Brochures which pop and stand out amid a sea of other content get the job done. But, considering their place in the context of an overall campaign is valuable as well.

Stands Apart From Competition

Creativity for creativity sake misses the mark in marketing. However, original, unique brochures which leave the brand recognizable prove a win. Consider shape, color and other design elements as well as content.

Stands Alone in Campaign

An effective brochure stands alone in representing your product or company. And, if accompanying advertising materials are to be used, repetitious content is avoided. Marketing pieces should compliment one another, not mimic them.


Space is limited. Information is plentiful when crafting brochures. Effectively merging the two creates a winning combination.

Thorough Facts

While brochure content should thoroughly answer consumer questions, comprehensive presentation of the facts falls to other marketing pieces. Streamlined content increases the odds of influence. And, a few vital facts ensure a trimmed down but effective product.

Accurate Figures

Information and data included in brochures need to be accurate and focused on the content. In the brevity of brochure copy, strategic figures support the point and establish authority. Too many facts and figures overwhelm the reader.


With the limited space, focus is your ally. A targeted purpose and strong CTAs drive your message home and lead to action.

Focused Purpose

Brochures which keep it brief with precise, simple language prove simple to understand. Quality writers use a brochure’s purpose to fine-tune wording and engage readers. Extraneous information shows a lack of restraint.

Strong CTAs

The goal of all marketing efforts is to prompt action on the part of the consumer. Effective brochures do just that. Compelling a reader to contact you or try your offer with a strong call to action (CTA) marks a quality brochure.

Using a Brochure Copywriter

Like any marketing product, brochures done well grow your readership, influence and consumer base. Tri-fold or booklet. Print or digital. Brochures introduce your company or products and inform your target audience.

If you question your expertise in turning out brochures with the above qualities, give us a ring for your free consultation. Content is our favorite subject. And, a brochure copywriter awaits your next project.

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