Get Stronger, Live Longer and Boost Productivity With a Health Copywriter

by Gabe Arnold

A health copywriter? Is that such a thing?

With the boom of the health and fitness industries, the increase of those getting fit or believing they should, the emphasis on wellness opens doors for writers.

We jog, kickbox, cycle, hike or pose like a yogi to enhance health. Shopping organic or at least green and leafy we believe costs us more in dollars but less in health. Added supplements, as well as probiotic and protein, boost our diets.

Google searches for everything from diaper rash to scary, undefined symptoms attempt to fill our quest for knowledge. And over-the-counter medications meet our need to self-diagnose and perhaps avoid asking embarrassing questions at a physician’s office.

Furthermore, companies build corporate gyms. Employee wellness programs and incentives are created. Yoga during lunch breaks adds to the offerings.

Likely, this is no surprise to you. Business owners know that the fitness and health levels of their employees impact the bottom line.

Are you struggling to understand the weight this asset holds for your particular business?

Keep reading as we take a closer look.

The Weight of Health for Content Writers

With regard to the copywriter, this means plenty of fodder to attract readers with quick tips and 1-2-3s on anything from where to shop for nutrient-dense foods to the latest myth-busting facts on blasting stubborn pounds. And, even the leftovers leave more than enough material to connect with employees and boost loyalty.

These content writers bring relevant, timely copy to your website by specializing in:

  • Traditional medical practices.
  • Natural health and well-being.
  • Holistic or alternative treatments.
  • Fitness solutions.
  • Weight loss.
  • The latest health trends.
  • And, more.

Whether looking to address a lifestyle need of your readership or enhance employee health, a health copywriter does the research for you and makes sense of the jargon for your readers. On the technical side, it drives and engages traffic and earns you leads and conversions.

This need-based content shows your target audience that you care about their lives and concerns which breeds loyalty. Furthermore, a health care copywriter invests in your employees to keep them healthy and productive

Just the Facts

Can this health craze be all myth and hype? Or, is everyone actually going to the gym? Is our country truly unfit? Or, have the overly-toned and ambitious created a false reality?

And, what is the damage of our self-diagnosis? How does the rush of Internet information accompanying one Google search of potentially less-than-accurate health hints impact us?

Let’s look at a few facts.

Our Health Status

First, our general health:

The Collective Costs

And, it costs us financially and otherwise:

  • Health care expenditures due to obesity are projected to reach $344 billion by 2018.
  • $48 to $66 billion per year is the expected yearly bump in health care costs until 2030, according to Columbia University.
  • Management and treatment of chronic, controllable conditions (of which 70 percent of Americans are afflicted) account for 75 percent of health care dollars.
  • 27 percent of young Americans tip the scales too far to serve in the military while 15,000 prospects fail physicals due to being unfit.
  • Obesity and lack of healthy living account for the diseases which claim the lives of 360,000 Americans yearly.

Our Human Response

So, we work (and work out) to offset the negative consequences:

  • Gym memberships boomed 18.6 percent between 2008 and 2014 and continue to grow.
  • Wholesale sports exercise equipment sales top out at over five billion dollars yearly.
  • 77 percent of Americans claim to be working toward eating a healthier diet.
  • 43 percent of people say their food and beverage choices are made based on human and environmental health considerations.
  • U.S. organic sales reached a record $43.3 billion in 2015.
  • 72 percent of Americans use Google searches to find health information with 35 percent seeking an online medical diagnosis.
  • Medical searches frequently heighten health-related anxiety in one of five such cases.

And, in the corporate world:

  • 92 percent of employers  (with companies greater than 200 employees) offer wellness programs.
  • Exercise, smoking and weight loss topped the list of target behaviors addressed by corporate programs.
  • Return on investment of these offerings reads 3:1 with the additional benefits of reduced absenteeism, staff turnover and employee stress.

What does this mean to you?

Predicted to grow to an estimated $737 billion, the global health and well-being market begs for your attention. Whether in regard to your target audience or company employees, this trend offers fuel for engagement.

But, how so?

Living Longer

The prediction seems on target that this generation of children potentially reigns as the first to live shorter lives than their parents. Yikes! Not an achievement or future many (really, any) parents dream of for their children.

But, the disheartening facts continue to stack up like weights on the leg press. Only one in three children engages in daily exercise, based on reports by the President’s Council on Fitness. In trade, they spend greater than seven hours per day plopped in front of a screen of some sort.

Healthy lifestyle choices in parents and adults in general work to inspire kids. And, this information is likely not news. By influencing the adults of today, we impact the adults of tomorrow. And, perhaps we can prove wrong the projection that by 2030 half the U.S. adult population will be obese.

How Does Health Content Help?

But, all of these facts and figures, stats and predictions leave readers cold and impartial to the real-life effects these issues have on their lives. In some ways, the general population may not even know what it does not know. Or, how do they find help and encouragement in the struggle?

Enter the health copywriter. Medical jargon and hard numbers become more easily understood due to their expertise. And, the need for the dispersion of medically accurate health information is met. After all, the Internet proves a valuable means of educating the public when we ensure the content is useful and on point.

Getting Stronger

Physical activity in years past came in the routine of life. Housework, yard chores, day jobs and night hours brought natural movement without thought. However, the convenience of technology and all the good it brings removes much of the stimulus to move (as well as the benefits of it.)

And, the repercussions prove easy to spot, even beyond the obvious muscle atrophy. Weight control, cardiovascular health, cancer prevention, mental health, intestinal function and more are negatively impacted by a lack of exercise. In fact, lack of fitness is second only to smoking as a leading risk factor for early death.

If that is not enough, brain function including cognitive processes experience atrophy without a daily dose of physical activity. On the reverse, exercise proves effective in naturally relieving the symptoms of depression, reducing anxiety and stress, as well as addressing symptoms of ADHD and PTSD.

How Does Health Content Help?

Courage spills through a health copywriter’s words on the screen. And, readers take note. They have a confidant, a friend to work out with, one to cheer them on in choosing the salad and fish over the pizza.

Getting stronger and staying healthy requires intent which, in turn, requires support. Writers inspire us to take action even in the face of adversity. And, for many, health and wellness prove a serious struggle even in our advantaged, first world countries (perhaps even because of them). In short, you become the solution to the Google-searched problem.

Boosting Productivity

Surprise! Our general lack of health decreases productivity. While you may be thinking, “well … yeah,” let’s detail it out for those not buying it:

Fortunately, adopting healthy habits reverses these numbers. The resulting benefits include enhanced concentration, focus and stamina which most obviously increases a person’s work quantity and perhaps even quality.

The good news reports that even simple work and life changes bring rewards. A 20-minute daily walk. A power siesta. Maximizing the ounces of water consumed daily. Choosing an apple over a cookie at snack time.

How Does Health Content Help?

SEO copywriter know-how gets the information in front of the readers searching for it. With an understanding and wise of use of medical and health-related keywords, freelance health care copywriters get quality content on the top of Google searches. In other words, they help you stand out from the crowd.

Well-written, engaging content with a personal feel connects with readers attracting them to your practice, business or product and growing it. This persuasive copy falls in the hands of a skilled copywriter with a knowledge of wellness. And, it earns you a reputation of authority and trustworthiness.

Hiring a Health Copywriter

Wellness retreats, plant proteins, boutique fitness, green juice and kombucha, Fitbits and Misfits prove fitness and health are hot topics. And, corporate environments join the action with onsite gyms, stress management sessions, nutrient-boosting vending machine options. fitness trackers and more.

Again, this trend is worth addressing. The starting point of digital marketing is gathering data on potential consumers to offer relevant content. With the pervasive nature of health and wellness questions, likely your audience is asking them.

And, retaining a health copywriter proves a viable part of the solution.

Who Might Use a Health Care Copywriter?

You may be agreeing with the facts and figures on the state of our collective health and our interest in it. Maybe you can even buy into the benefits a content writer brings into this arena. But, who uses the skills of a health care copywriter?

  • Medical companies desiring to translate technical language into reader-friendly verbiage.
  • Business owners interested in addressing employee and target audience wellness questions.
  • Natural health care companies wanting to raise their rankings.
  • Medical practices looking to drive patient acquisition in a competitive arena.
  • Professionals wanting to create a personal, empathetic voice and accurate health information on the Web.

Furthermore, it turns out that the reasons for hiring a healthcare copywriter differ little from the whys of bringing on a general copywriter.

  • Lack of time impacts the quality of your writing making it ineffective.
  • Or similarly, a growing business means increasing writing needs.
  • New projects, products or platforms stretch the capabilities of current writers.
  • Your writing skill leaves you wanting more oomph in your content.
  • Increasing online and social media posts overtax your staff.
  • Your website’s current page and blog content fail to drive traffic.

Can I Hire Any Copywriter?

So, why a health care copywriter and not just a general content writer?

In the healthcare arena specifically, you may find that:

  • Researchers and clinicians produce writing too technical for the average population.
  • Hours in the lab or office may cause out-of-touch syndrome for those who write from this perspective.
  • Focusing on the medical and health facts and trends along with treating patients leaves little time to understand SEO and other strategies to make effective use of online copy.
  • Discerning fact from fiction with the overabundance of Internet information proves daunting.
  • Specific expertise in this specialty of writing with an understanding of health issues is beneficial.

A copywriter with a focus on health and wellness fills in these gaps.

Furthermore, this type of writer offers a unique perspective on how your product or service addresses the reader’s struggles with fitting in exercise, choosing healthy food options or chronic health concerns. For instance, does investing in “x” save time which translates to minutes on a treadmill?

And, not only are you impacting your bottom line, but you are making a positive difference in the Internet and real worlds as well. Just imagine the impact of a healthy work and volunteer force on global issues. In our privileged first world countries, this should be a reality. This should be the norm.

Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation. We love to talk all things copywriting!

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