Places You Need to Promote Your Blog

by Gabe Arnold

If you have a blog, you know how difficult it is to get people to notice your content, much less engage with your site in a meaningful way. If you’ve incorporated SEO into your content, regularly update your material and currently work to promote, but aren’t realizing the results you hope to achieve, it might be time to consider some of the newer blog promotion strategies that have arisen as social media evolves.


You might already have a Twitter account, and if you do, you probably have a link to your blog in your profile. What you might not realize is that the lifetime of a shared tweet is only 18 minutes. This means that throughout the day, you need to share your content in different ways with different hashtags and different motivation points to achieve the best result in drawing more attention to your blog.

What this means is that for every tweet you post that gets a retweet, that tweet will have a period of about 18 minutes on your follower’s page before it ‘expires.’ Once that time period has passed, it’s unlikely to get another retweet, and you’re not going to gain any new followers or promote your material.

This is a bit of a numbers game, because, as we see in this graph from, the average user has to realize almost 500 followers before they begin to approach 10 percent of their original tweets being retweeted.

The advantage of using Twitter is that its social profiles on the platform thrive from engagement. Due to the fast turnover on tweets, retweets and recognition, it’s difficult to overwhelm your audience by tweeting too much. You can use this unique feature to promote your blog a few times a day, while maintaining a profile and engagement with similar topics, without negative repercussions.


Once the realm of DIY projects and crafty how-to projects, Pinterest is emerging as a strong place to find blog followers. In part due to its visual platform and encouragement of sharing, people tend to engage in more sharing on Pinterest than on Twitter. In fact, a single pin has been shown to lead to, on average, two new followers, six profile reviews and have an estimated lifespan of one week. When it comes to gaining recognition and followers to your blog, those statistics represent a potentially high payout for a minimal amount of effort.


You can’t share links on Instagram the way you can on other social media sites, but there’s a way to use Instagram to gain attention to your blog that you may not have thought of. Through the use of screenshots, you can create your own post-able image of your content. By using this method, you’ll be able to control exactly what gets posted, and have full editing capabilities to show the segments of your content that you think will appeal to the audience you are trying to curate the most. Just remember to have your hashtags selected in advance and post a link to your blog in your profile.


According to Statcounter, Stumbleupon is the best place across seven analyzed social media platforms to promote your blog. This is due to the way Stumbleupon works. Anytime anyone likes or shares any of your posts, Stumbleupon automatically adds your content to the lineup, where it is easily seen by other casual viewers.

The caveat to this is that Stumbleupon users don’t engage, historically, with ads or sales pitches. They’re interested in tutorials, infographics, images and videos. It will require a little more work in content management if you don’t typically have this material ready to post, but the return that you could receive in potential visibility could make it worth it.


BeBee is a social media site dedicated to professionals, so you’ll want to skip the casual, pop-cultural references when you post here. What makes BeBee a valuable

place in which to increase your followers is the formatting of the site. Once you have an account, you can share your posts with multiple ‘hives,’ thereby potentially gaining the attention of everyone in that particular group. Since we all know that gaining followers is, at its heart, a combination of having excellent content and reaching a wide number of viewers, once your posts are ready, this helps you to increase the audience size almost immediately. The search structure of BeBee makes finding topics that relate to your content easy.

Social media is ever-evolving and growing. While you can’t be expected to stay abreast of each change that occurs among all social sharing platforms, if you take the time to review the newest sites that are available, think of different ways to use media you’re accustomed to, and always keep your content updated with high-quality material, there are a lot of options that you can explore to gain new followers to your blog.

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