Stop Dragging Your Feet Looking for Content Writers. Move to Immediate Action to Unlock Effective, Creative Content

by Gabe Arnold

Looking for content writers. Wondering about hiring vs. outsourcing. Questioning qualifications of services.

Through research, you gather plenty of knowledge. But, it means nothing without action.

In preparing blogs last week, I doled out thoughts on how to experience creative rebirth. As I typed, the importance of each point weighed heavy. Each truth stood out as important in birthing personal creativity for business and life success.

Yes. I believed whole-heartedly in each point made. The problem? I failed to apply the counsel. Pushing through the task list overrode the actions I needed to take for better output. While experience taught me well the value of physical exercise and mental rest, that learning remained in the past.

And, in the midst of a frantic week filled with writing, vision meetings, family and more, with a mental capacity maxed and threatening to give way, fatigue plagued me. I plowed through with waves of guilt lapping at my ankles. (All the while wishing them to be ocean tides.)

I strong-armed the self-reproach over not pursuing the margins and the things needed to reboot my system. But, as the week drew to a close, the lesson became abundantly clear.

Knowledge and action prove two different things.

Though both are needed, knowing the right thing to do means nothing unless I actually do it. How many times does my action stop at liking an article or sharing a quip of insight which so touched my soul? Far too often, truths get relegated to my Facebook feed or Pinterest boards with minimal impact on my life.

And, perhaps the same is true for you.

Now, don’t misunderstand, it is good to be researched, informed, planned and thought out. But, Ready, Set must be followed by GO!

Let’s explore what this means for content.

What Holds You (and Me) Back

Have you heard the illustration of the three frogs? It simply asks, if there are three frogs on a log, and one decides to jump in, how many are left on the log? Did you answer three? If so, you get the point. Deciding to jump and acting on that decision, actually jumping, are not the same.

So, what holds you back from jumping?


Business sense? Creativity? Knowledge of SEO? What are you waiting to understand better before taking the plunge into more effective content?

A full head of knowledge is not a real thing. In fact, you learn more through experience than reading. Unfortunately, with the human aversion to change, risk and the unfamiliar, you may shrink back from opportunity and miss vital lessons in succeeding.

Gathering a foundation of experience and knowledge gains your footing as you take the next step in any venture. But, the time comes to launch that website, write that blog or post that new small business sign.

Even novice swimmers don’t sit on the sidelines, they take the first step to put their face in the water.

Action in Terms of Content:

  • Learn hands-on from an experienced content writer.
  • Take a course on copywriting or digital marketing.
  • Outsource to a copywriting service.


Waiting for the stars to align perfectly proves a tactic in avoidance. Circumstances rarely fall into a perfect rhythm and part the waters for you to sail through on your dream boat. (If this miraculous event happened to you, count your lucky stars.)

Creating a timeline of steps to achieve your goals proves wise. However, waiting for the timing to reveal itself leaves you doing just that …. waiting. And, I am sure I don’t need to tell you how many goals that accomplishes.

Replace the idea of magic moments with planning, determination and courage. Redesign your site, hire a copywriter or guest blog on an industry site. Evaluate the results, make changes and just keep swimming.

The length of that pool has nothing to do with what surrounds it.

Action in Terms of Content:

  • Build a timeline laying out the steps to goal achievement. Tackle step one.
  • Put yourself out there as an authority through teaching and speaking.
  • Develop your brand through content across various formats.


Whether fear of success (Yes, that is a real thing.) or fear of failure, your insecurities keep you in the data gathering mode. Unfortunately, the longer we take to act, the harder it becomes.

I remember wanting to dive into the pool as a kid. The longer I hesitated, the more my friends cheered me on, the greater the intensity of my fear became. My mind grew louder and louder in talking me out of jumping.

While acting on impulse places you in potentially dangerous waters, the wait sends you back down the diving board. And, the thrill of victory or of overcoming fear evades you. Truly, your loss. So, wrap those fears in courage.

It is time to hold your nose and jump into the deep end, sink or swim.

Action in Terms of Content: 

  • Leap into writing your first blog.
  • Partner with a reputable copywriter.
  • Post fresh, unique content regularly.


Sure, there is risk in every venture, even more so with those beyond your comfort zone. But, if you never venture beyond the familiar, the mundane consumes you.

Imagine staying exactly where you are for the rest of your earthly days. While life and business may bring contentment today, your soul eventually longs for something more. Human beings are wired for novelty.

Hear the words of John F. Kennedy, “There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” Have you thought of the risk of not updating your content, refraining from social media marketing or not seeking the expertise of content services?

Calculating these costs increases the motivation to graduate from dipping your toe in the water to joining the swim team.

Action in Terms of Content: 

  • Join the social media scene.
  • Establish relationships with industry leaders for links.
  • Write content honestly and transparently.


One of the top reported hindrances to taking action is a lack of time. Busyness robs you of opportunities to move, grow and succeed. Plus, in general, we just do not make space to pursue our dreams.

The problem can be the temptation to think of your dreams as out-of-reach clouds in the sky. You might see them as something filling children’s heads but foolish for adults. In this case, the purpose of these passions floats by you.

Fortunately, reality dictates the falsehood of these ideas. Look around you, and hear the inspiring stories of leaders and mentors pursuing and achieving their hearts’ desires. The only difference between them and you is that they persevered in their action.

Tomorrow is always a day away. Later never arrives. So, now is the time to take action through prioritizing, delegating, outsourcing or whatever means necessary to create space for your dreams and goals.

Otherwise, you may feel like you are floating through lukewarm waters with no hope of reaching land.

Action in Terms of Content: 

  • Eliminate activities not pertaining to your content goals.
  • Use the Pomodoro technique for increased productivity.
  • Hire a content marketing company.

Taking Action

Dreams and goals merge with reality for those willing to courageously face fears and take risks. But, these high achievers also create opportunities and make time for any efforts which move them in the direction of success.

Take your place among this list as one building great content. Stop planning, and take action. Yes, take the next step whether it is wading in the water or jumping off the high dive.

Thomas Jefferson said it this way (long before the Internet came to be),”Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

So, you are motivated to drop the baggage, but what do you do now? What is the first step? Once you know your objectives (READY), recognize your conversions and understand your target audience (SET), it’s time to GO!

1. Create Content

You can choose to write web content yourself, ask a skilled employee to do so, hire an in-house copywriter or outsource this task to a quality content company. But, no matter your choice, act on your decision.

Content ranges from blogs to videos, infographics to emails, and social media posts to eBooks. Keeping the highest quality content flowing sets you apart from your competitors. And, repurposing content among formats improves efficiency.

Continually creating fresh, compelling content moves you toward your goals.

2. Promote Content

The next step involves actively promoting your content across the Web. After all, spinning the greatest copy means little if your audience does not see it. And, with the flood of information on the Internet, intentional distribution is key.

Organic and paid promotion, Tweets, likes and shares, SEO and email marketing help you spread the word. And, for an investment, sponsored posts, promoted tweets and advertising does the job. Finally, building relationships with influencers in your industry offers another potential way to get content noticed.

Acting on a digital marketing strategy focuses your promotional efforts and gets results.

3. Evaluate Content

Did your audience engage with your content? What was their response? Are your objectives being met? In other words, how effective is your content?

Analytics allow you to answer these questions and more. But, intentional action is required to evaluate these figures. In addition, making ongoing changes based on your findings improves your strategy and maximizes the return on investment.

Be sure to evaluate content on a regular basis.

Encouraging Others to Take Action

The key to effective content is engaging readers in action. In a sense, your action draws their action.

So, consider this:

1. Offer Relevant Content

Get to writing. Giving readers answers to their questions and solutions to their problems from your unique perspective encourages them to keep coming back.

Furthermore, relevant content encourages readers to take the action you request of them. For instance, original and unique blogs draw comments and social media posts earn likes and shares. Plus, gated materials such as eBooks, webinars, case studies and white papers lead to a download.

2. Create Engaging Headlines

A headline acts as a first impression to Internet surfers. Catchy and engaging headlines lead readers down the pipe to browse your content. Unfortunately, 80 percent swim right on by.

For these reasons, learning the art of titles proves worth your time. Number placement, unique adjectives and even a magic formula may earn you more readers. Using headline tools or hiring copywriting services to pen titles for you also prove worthy actions.

3. Pen Compelling CTAs

The most obvious action content curators ask of readers is the call-to-action (CTA). Effective CTAs focus your site and provide direction to visitors. Furthermore, they offer a means of measuring the success of your content.

To present a clear understanding of how you want to a reader to act, give only one CTA, consider its position on the page, size, color and design. Plus, keep the area around an action button uncluttered.

Why Stop Looking for Content Writers?

Unfortunately, a lack of action gets you no closer to your goals. Specifically, you are far from publishing great content no matter how much information you gather or how long and deeply you debate if or who to hire. In any case, the content goes unwritten, and you are stuck with what you got.

Stop looking for content writers. Chose one. Yes, jump into the sea of Internet businesses using copywriters to pen their engaging copy, and get ahead of your competition.

We are a society on the move. Certainly, we are busy. But, busyness does not equal targeted, goal-achieving action. The time has come to get your ideas out of your head and put them to work as the power behind your content goals.

If you move with that intent, you set yourself apart from the word GO!

From my story early on, I am inspired to put those creative rebirth principles to work by heading off for a few hours of zzz’s. What will you put into practice after reading this blog? What is your next action step? Comment below, and then do it!

P.S. If you are still looking for content writers, your quest ends here. Give us a shout for a free consultation. We help you take immediate action.

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