Little Known Ways to Make Ghostwriting Work for You

by Gabe Arnold

When we hear the term “ghostwriting” many of us think of novel writing for some reason. We think about novelists putting a fake name, or no name at all, on their books so that people don’t know who they actually are. Now, that is true and it does happen, but that’s not the only kind of ghostwriting out there. There are many forms of ghostwriting that people aren’t aware of.

Ghostwriting can be done through articles for blogs and companies. Copywriters are assigned topics and then write and submit the articles. Their names usually aren’t put with the articles, though–and that’s ghostwriting.

When copywriters write for a blog or a company, they know that they are basically just writing under the blog or company’s name. Whether they are writing about the company’s ideas, their ideas, or a combination of both, this fact pretty much remains true.

If a company wants you to write for them in order to sell their product, you will almost always be a ghostwriter. The company is going to want your words to look like theirs, basically, and that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with ghostwriting, as long as you don’t let it overtake your entire professional writing career. If you want to become a known writer, ghostwriting is a great way to get some experience, but it shouldn’t be the “be all end all” of your career. If you are ghostwriting right now or plan on doing so in the future, there are a few ways you can make it work for you so it enhances your career as a whole.

1. Be mindful of the experience

The experience is everything when it comes to any kind of writing, but ghostwriting especially. You can make this experience a great one if you keep the right mindset. If you’re a ghostwriter, you’re going to be assigned some stuff that you might not necessarily be thrilled about, and that’s okay. The key is to appreciate the experience and learn how to write about things that you aren’t really interested in. If you can make a piece sound passionate when you’re really not interested in the subject at all, then you’re golden. This kind of stuff can help you in your overall career in ways that you may not expect. If you’re ever in a crunch and have to write something fast, ghostwriting can help you do just that.

2. Make some connections

Connect with the people you work with and the people who run the company. If your name isn’t going to be out there with your articles, then you’re going to want to make some kind of impression on your boss so he/she can refer you later in life. So, whether it’s emailing them and creating some contact or speaking with them in person, make some connections with the people you work with so you can learn from them and also use them as referrals. It never hurts to learn things from those around you, and it never hurts to network as well.

Making a lasting impression can help you in more ways than one, so it’s important to keep this a priority on your list, no matter how long you’ve worked for any company. Do your best work at all times so you can be confident in yourself and will be able to ask for a referral later.

3. Observe

Make as many observations as you can. This is valid at any job that you might have, but with writing jobs especially. Observe how you are treated by the people you work with and by your managers. See what they tell you and notice what you’re assigned. Also, observe how you do things and see how you can improve. There’s always room for improvement with anything, and if you take notice of yourself and how you handle things, you’ll be more aware of how you operate and will be more prepared for the next job that you get.

Observing how things work as a ghostwriter will help you in many situations in your professional career. You’ll know some of the ins and outs of the writing world and you’ll have some confidence in yourself that might not have had before.

4. How fast can you write?

If you spend some time being a ghostwriter, you’ll definitely increase your writing time. Right now, you might be a little slow at writing articles, but give ghostwriting a chance and trust us, you’ll be a champ at writing articles at a fast pace. You might even surprise yourself at how fast you write.

Writing fast will help you get your work done at a good pace and it will also help you out in the future as well. Of course, make sure you’re still producing quality writing at a fast pace. But, once you know you can ghostwrite, you’ll know that you can do just about anything. It’s a challenge at times, but definitely worth it.

5. Play around with some writing styles

As a ghostwriter who gets assigned many different assignments, you’ll have the chance to experiment with several different writing styles. You’ll get to write blogs, product reviews, and maybe even some opinion pieces. Depending on who you write for, you will probably need to emulate a few different styles with each piece you write. You’ll learn how to quickly switch between styles without even thinking, and you’ll learn how to do all of this at a really fast pace.

Knowing different writing styles is the key to becoming a great writer. If you’re versatile with your work, people will notice and will be more likely to hire you. Being versatile is a really great skill to have because the majority of people just stick to writing in one style.

6. Learn

You’re going to learn so much as a ghostwriter. You might be surprised at how different your mindset is after spending some time ghostwriting and learning about the business. It’s never time wasted–it’s time well spent. Learning about writing will be easier and more straightforward if you’re actually doing it yourself, and not just reading about it online or hearing about it secondhand from someone else. Getting the experience for yourself is always a major key if you want to be successful in any given field.

7. Enjoy the extra time

Ghostwriting will most likely give you some extra time during your days. As a writer, your articles are assigned at certain times and days, but you’ll know this in advance and you will be able to arrange your schedule accordingly. It’s so great being able to plan your days the way you want them and scheduling things when you want to schedule them. Any ghostwriter job will most likely be freelancing, which is why the hours are so flexible. This will work out for you no matter where you’re at in life. Whether you’re dedicating your career to this kind of writing or you’re doing this during an interim between finding a different job, it will benefit you and work with your schedule.

8. Always use this skill as a backup

Ghostwriting will work for you because it’s a skill that can take you to many places. Maybe you’ll have to do a little travelling to write about the topics you are assigned. Maybe you’ll have to read about something that didn’t interest you before, but now it really does. Writing can take you to many places, physically and mentally, no matter what kind of writing it is.

9. Take yourself to the next level

Don’t keep writing about the same stuff if you don’t want to. This goes hand in hand with making a good, lasting impression with your managers and co-workers. If you want to be moved up or if you don’t want to keep writing about the same stuff, then say something, but do it with maturity and respect. If you want to go to the next level, then say so. You will be thought of highly just for speaking up and asking to do something extra. You can never go wrong doing something like that!

10. Know where this kind of job can take you

If you’ve been ghostwriting, or you have already had some experience ghostwriting, then always know that you have a talent that not everyone has. Writing takes a lot of patience and a lot of talent, and not many people can handle that kind of pressure and that kind of tediousness. So, be confident in yourself, because what you are doing is really important and skill to be proud of!

We are always looking to expand our team with new and talented writers. If you love to write and want to earn some extra money we’d love to hear from you today!

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