Why Listening to My Toddler Helped Me Write My Next Blog Post

by Gabe Arnold

Those of you with toddlers know exactly what I’m going through now with my own. He puts together some elaborate, intricate stories, peppers every sentence with the question, “why?”, and truly cares about his audience. The more I thought about his actions, the more I realized that his creativity and passion for everything from blocks to movies is really a good way to approach blogging.

Toddlers Crave Connection


“Why?” seems to be one of the most common questions parents of toddlers hear. On an hourly — or even more frequent basis — toddlers want to know the reason and cause of every possible variable in their lives. At this time in their lives, their language skills develop while “their curiosity, imagination, and creativity skyrocket.” Most doctors and parenting experts recommend finding a way to connect with children, giving them more details, as what they’re really looking for is meaningful interaction rather than the true causal relationship.

Blogging is about connecting with your readers. You provide them with valuable information that helps them get to know you and your brand. When you blog, you’re taking the questions they’ve asked and giving them the answers they are unconsciously looking to receive.

Toddlers Are Inquisitive


Going back to the repetitive “Why” asked by toddlers. If you’ve connected with them and they really, truly want to know why, they will ask. Getting to the root of the situation or event is something toddlers are skilled at discovering.

There’s a reason content marketing analysts, organizations, and experienced copywriters themselves have come to agree that journalists make some of the best content marketers and copywriters. While marketing isn’t their strongest suit, getting to the source of a situation is, and journalists understand the importance and value of connecting with their readers and finding out the information their audience is truly seeking. They know what questions to ask, and how to ask them to get the answers they need.

To write a good blog, you have to be willing to dig to find the information your audience wants to read, and in order to learn more about your audience and the topics that most interest them, you need to be inquisitive.

Toddlers Are Persistent


Even if you connect with and answer your toddler, with the best possible answer, if they aren’t satisfied, they will continue asking the same question. They may re-word it, but if a toddler has set his or her mind on an idea or action, nothing will get in the way of seeking the thought or activity through to completion.

Blogging is not something that turns someone into an overnight success. You might spend months writing interesting, engaging, and compelling blog posts, but if you’re not publicizing them or telling others about your activity, your blog will most likely not see the level of readership and engagement that you would hope for.

At the first sign of trouble or discomfort, most toddlers do not turn away and drop their subject at-hand. Adults, on the other hand, may back away, get skittish, or avoid the situation. This can be problematic, since these are often the precise situations that can cause someone to learn and grow. Toddlers don’t give up if something doesn’t go the way they’d planned, and neither should you.

Toddlers Are Forward-Thinkers

While toddlers never give up, they also are able to see that just because they don’t have an ability right at one moment doesn’t mean they will never have that ability. They are willing to step outside their comfort zone, find and connect with people who are outside their circle, and look forward with hopeful anticipation to the day they truly understand.

For toddlers, this visionary mentality may apply to walking, riding a bike, or going to preschool; for adults, this could be putting your feelings out there for your audience, expressing an uncomfortable point of view, writing about topics outside of your area of expertise, or even starting your blog. All of these may be situations that cause stress now, but will help further your blog, content marketing, and business.

Toddlers Look for the Best

A toddler trusts their parents, siblings and other adults, and we can do the same when we are writing our blogs. Look for the best in your business, the best in your life, and strive to give your best each time you write. Making sure that you give your audience high-quality, engaging blog posts will bring you the greatest success possible.

What’s something you’ve learned from a toddler in your life, and have you been able to implement them into your blogs? Share what you’ve learned! If you’re looking for a better blog post and don’t have a toddler, call us. We have a qualified team of experts who can help you publish top-notch content that won’t leave you asking “Why?”

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