Internet Marketing vs. Real World Marketing

by Gabe Arnold

Traditional real-world marketing campaigns are still alive and well, but they have many disadvantages that make them unfit for small businesses looking to expand their brands strength and recognition. Trading TV advertisements and billboard space for social media marketing and content marketing campaigns can help your brand grow its visibility faster and cheaper. If you are ready to boost the credibility and profitability of your small business, it is time to switch from more traditional marketing campaigns to highly focused and effective online marketing campaigns.

At Copywriter Today, our team is dedicated to building strong content and campaigns that boost small businesses to a new level of success. We offer affordable, effective and personalized content and campaigns tailored toward building your brand’s visibility and success within your industry. Come check us out or sign up for our free trial to start experiencing the power of internet marketing campaigns today!

Still feeling a bit hesitant and skeptical about the power of internet marketing? Allow us to lay out the top 2 advantages you have to gain by marketing your small business online:

1. Internet Marketing is More Cost Effective

TV advertisement currently is one of the most expensive ways to market your product. With the limited amount of people who still watch commercials, and the even more limited amount of people who pay attention to them, investing in this marketing practice is just unpractical. Additionally, tracking the ROI of TV advertisements, billboard spaces, and other real-world ads can be extremely difficult.

With Internet marketing campaigns, you get the advantage of not only spending less for a wider possible audience, but you can track the ROI of your investment with a high efficiency! The ability to analyze exact traffic patterns and to see where traffic is coming from, can help you build your campaign to be stronger with every new post.

Internet marketing can be done with tools as simple as social media profiles, or as advanced as SEO tools. Crafting an effective campaign is easy with the right professional help, so go ahead and give our Copywriter Today team today to set up a consultation about how we can grow your business’s brand.

2. Internet Marketing is More Ethical

How frustrated are you when you are bombarded by non-skippable ads on television or are forced to look at ugly billboards on the side of the road? Intrusion based marketing practices are unlikely to build a sense of trust and usefulness into your brand name. In fact, for those who are not being specifically targeted by your ad, your brand is likely to be associated with annoyance more than usefulness.

Thankfully, Internet marketing provides many incredible options for practicing more ethical, non-intrusive campaigns. Content marketing, for example, is the practice of providing useful content to users that provides value while guiding them toward your site. With this approach, you are guaranteed that the only people viewing your content are interested in what you have to say and sell, as they are seeking the content out themselves. By providing such content, you can invite people to look at your site in a convenient and considerate way, while also giving them a reason to see your brand as positive and helpful.

Content marketing, SEO optimization, PPC banners, email campaigns, social media marketing and many more approaches are waiting for you to utilize them. By optimizing your useful industry-specific content, you can make a single piece of content work across many platforms, adding to the overall cost-effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns!

Now that you know of the ethical and cost-effective nature of online marketing, do not wait another second to begin building your brand’s reputation and profitability. We eagerly await a call or email from you to begin our business relationship. Please allow us to use our experience, knowledge and passion to build your brand into a level of recognition and respect that it deserves.


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