If You Don’t Hire a Copywriting Service Now, You’ll Regret It Later

by Gabe Arnold

Is your blog keeping you up at night? Instead of sweet dreams, are you having nightmares about how you will get fresh content to your blog the next day? You should hire a copywriter from CopywriterToday.net–rest assured!

Clients and partners from every industry trust our team of US-based writers. They hire us and then never have to worry about their blog again.  You will get fresh content every single day that drives traffic to your blog to fuel your marketing and grow your business. Our three-step process is so simple that, on average, our clients spend less than 15 minutes per month managing their content marketing campaigns.  We bet you spend a whole lot more time than that right now, worrying about your blog and other content, so if you’re ready to be free of worrying about writing original content every day, strongly consider hiring us!

We have a seven-day risk-free trial, so you get to try everything out and really learn how our service works.  If you are not satisfied for any reason, cancel your trial and we won’t charge you a thing!

Here is a typical quote from one of our clients: “I hired the Copywriter Today team and now I never have to worry about my blog. I get fresh content every single day that helps drive traffic to my blog!”

And you don’t want to hire just any copywriter–you want the best.  Our copywriters will help you build brand recognition which will ultimately increase your sales.

We have copywriters with many different specialty areas and skills.  What do you need your copywriter to do? Product Descriptions? Ad copy? Blogs? Web content? All of the above? Try to be as specific as possible, but you may not be exactly sure what you need.  No worries–we will guide you and help you, too! We will find the right copywriter for you depending on your needs.

Our copywriters can write anything–blog posts, sales letters, emails, brochure copy, and press releases. Please note that we do not provide copywriting for pornographic websites or any illegal activity of any kind. Other than that, we can take care of anything you send us, up to 3,000 words in length.

Different businesses need different copies, and we can give you the right copywriter for your particular audience that will grab the attention of your customers to garner the results you are looking for. See for yourself!  Here are some sample pieces regarding a variety of technical and non-technical topics to give you an idea of the content we can write. We cover an extensive range of topics, so if you’re wondering if we can write for your project please contact us today! We are confident we can deliver whatever type of written content that you need. Keep your original goal in mind, and let us know not only the copy you want but what you are trying to accomplish.

In terms of cost, think about your spending budget for a copywriter, or what you will spend on the overall project you need us to write for. Consider the total budget, each cost, and see how much you might have left to spend on a copywriter. We have a very affordable month-to-month service with no long-term commitments. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with us, but in case you’re not, we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. You have 30 days from the time you purchase the subscription to tell us if you are unhappy with your service and request a refund. We will fully refund that month’s service fee – no questions asked.

Copywriter Today is comprised of an excellent team of writers and employees who are dedicated to providing detailed and accurate copy that fits your company’s specific needs. Our writers provide excellent copy, and our management team provides stellar assistance. Many of our customers sign up with us for a specific project and end up being long-time customers because of our expertise, easy process, and affordable pricing.  You couldn’t ask for more!

Convinced? Then sign up today! We have a risk-free trial, and 48-hour turnaround time for 400-word articles because we know you need your content FAST!  We offer timely revisions and up to an hour of pre-scheduled planning time per month with our team, by either phone or Skype.  And while you can cancel at any time, you won’t want to, because we will be solving your problems and making your business even more effective.


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