If Only I Knew This About Copywriting a Year Ago

by Gabe Arnold

In the business world, a year is a standard measure of time. So much can happen over twelve months within a company, a culture and even on the world stage. Every year provides an investment seed for the future. Because there is no time to waste, every decision counts. I want my unique mission and contribution to rise above the noise of the marketing world. I want my words to matter. My message needs to be clear, concise and compelling. This goal is why as I look back to the close of the previous year. I wish I had known these points about the power of copywriting:

Copywriting is an Art and a Science

Copywriting takes skill. A chisel in the hand of a master sculptor becomes a mighty tool. The right words have similar power with the potential to transform the direction of a business. Words fitly spoken can transcend time and ideas. Those written with a knowledge of how digital marketing works will pay great dividends for my investment.

Copywriting is Multi-Layered

I now see that I cannot be short-sighted about the value of copywriting in all aspects of my business. Copywriting is not just about the words within my web pages. Effective writing provides the energy that flows between my ads, social media presence and rapport with my loyal customer base. In short, professional communication is the foundation of my marketing strategy.

Copywriting is all About Timing

If I fumble around or am unclear about my message, my competitors are glad to fill the gap. In one year, I can watch any ambiguity I have allowed to give momentum to my competition. I cannot waste investment opportunities with anything less than my best. 

Additionally, I cannot gain back the lost time, but I can take advantage of time’s cyclical nature. I stand at the end of another year with greater knowledge of the value of clear communication. I am going to make getting my message out my top priority over these next dozen months.

If you want your message to matter, let Copywriter Today partner with you to create your best year yet. Experienced writers will equip you with stellar communication for your website, blog, podcast or social media pages. Contact Copywriter Today to get started. There is no time to waste.

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