How to Write Effective Email Copy

by Gabe Arnold

Modern digital marketing tactics may seem to forgo email marketing. But, email can help you build your brand as efficiently as anything else. 

The secret to a robust email marketing campaign is writing the best copy for each message. Fortunately, we’ve compiled some top tips on how to make each email a winner. 

Segment Your Audience

One of the best secrets of email marketing is segmentation. The goal is to reach the right user at the right time with the right message. If you don’t, you have a much higher chance of someone clicking the “unsubscribe” button. 

Since email marketing is so prevalent, users will ignore anything that doesn’t add value. Segmenting your lists allows you to customize each message so it goes to the correct users. Otherwise, your emails just become background noise, destined for the digital trash bin. 

When segmenting, focus on specific details and demographics. For example, consider offering a discount based on a user’s interests. This approach will yield much better results. 

Capture Attention As Quickly as Possible

Most users don’t read past the first couple of lines. Don’t assume that someone will read paragraph after paragraph of information. Instead, get to the point and deliver a compelling message. Some excellent ways to get attention include: 

  • Time-Based Offers – Act now, or you’ll lose this deal!
  • Personalized Offers – We’ve curated this deal just for you!
  • Free Stuff – Read this email and get a free gift!

Deliver on Your Promise

People sign up for email lists for a reason. Some want discounts on products and others may be looking for information about new deals. Whatever you promised on the sign-up page should dictate the emails they receive. 

People who want discounts may not want to read a newsletter. If someone wants informational content, don’t waste time with sales pitches. Otherwise, your messages will get left unread. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

A/B testing is one of the best ways to figure out which messaging works best for your segmented audiences. Over time, you’ll learn the best way to capture attention and get a higher open and click-through rate. As long as you keep developing your content, you’ll see consistent engagement. 

Contact Copywriter Today

Writing captivating emails is hard if you’re not a writer. Fortunately, Copywriter Today has a whole team of writers eager to help your business. Contact us today to see what our talent pool can do for your brand. 

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