How to Solve Your Biggest Problems with Marketing

by Gabe Arnold

As a business owner, each day presents you with a new set of challenges to overcome and problems to solve. You spend countless hours analyzing sales reports to determine if your product or service is having a positive impact on revenue generation. You worry that a sudden change in consumer demand will halt increasing profit margins. These are just a few examples of the problems that keep you up at night.

How Content Marketing Helps

A content marketing campaign can work to resolve many of the issues that you face. It presents you with an opportunity to position yourself in the center of a target market audience. Once there, you can provide a free solution to a problem they face or fulfill a desire that interests them. You can become the only viable source of information that they seek out whenever new problems or desires arise. You earn a position of authority within your industry as your content pieces’ showcase how well you understand the industry and the needs of your customers.

Start by making a list of all the possible problems that your target audience faces. Take a look at the conversations on your social media channels to gain an idea of what the topic of conversation is at the moment. It gives you a sense of where the current level of concern is and what types of solutions your audience is seeking out.

Determine how many problems you are able to realistically solve and work to create content pieces that provide those solutions. By working to provide solutions that your target market audience can use, you provide a level of value to their life. That value is what makes them select you over the competition when there is a choice to make. As your audience expands, your revenue generation strengthens and consumer demand for your product or service rises as a result.

Increase Brand Awareness

The content you create and share across your social media channels and website blog expands your reach into your target market as well. Consider creating video tutorials, case studies or client success stories to highlight how your company can add value to your target audience.

As customers come in contact with your content, they may share it with their own social media circle. The members of that circle create an entirely new audience that stands to interact with your brand.

Those new audience members will visit your website, read your blog posts and check out your social media channels to learn more about your company. They may take advantage of an offer you provide on the website landing page or join your email newsletter mailing list. At this point, they are looking to see if you are a viable solution to their problem. As they get to know your company better, a level of trust begins to form.

They confidently practice word-of-mouth advertising on your behalf, sharing the benefits that your company provides and other positive aspects that make them repeat customers. From that point, the circle of influence you establish continues to increase your brand awareness until you are in front of a majority of your target market audience.

Meet Marketing Goals

Marketing is how you interact with your target market audience, share information on products or services and test the waters to see how you can best meet the changing needs of your audience. Your marketing activities are what keep you relevant in the industry and on the radar screen of the competition. Executing a content marketing campaign works to meet the marketing goals that you set which ensures you remain a relevant part of your target market audience’s world.

The content you create works to meet various goals and objectives that you set in terms of the marketing practices you undertake. Content pieces focusing on SEO optimization or guest post articles you create for another industry relevant website increases your website traffic. Product demonstrations and video tutorials are excellent content pieces for increasing the number of signups you receive for an email newsletter or blog subscription.

If you are looking to strengthen your social media marketing practice, engage in social listening to pinpoint where your audience spends the most time online. Conduct a survey, visit relevant online forums or search different social media channels to see what ones your customers frequently visit.

Create social media advertising content that matches the audience platform of each channel. Twitter is an excellent platform for interacting with specific networks while Facebook gives you an opportunity to segment your audience by interest or demographic. LinkedIn provides segmentation opportunities by a particular career or industry while Instagram gives you the chance to share images and short videos that draw customers into your business operations.

A content marketing campaign heightens the level of engagement your target market audience takes with your company. It keeps your competition on their toes wondering what you will do next. You will have a solid foundation to help resolve the bigger issues that you face, which makes owning a company a little bit easier.

Get Started Today

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