How to Plan Ahead, so you Don’t Fall Behind on Your Blog

by Gabe Arnold

One of the biggest fears that plagues bloggers is the thought of missing a deadline. No matter how good of a writer someone may be, if the product is late, it reflects poorly on the writer. Hitting deadlines does not need to be a stressful feat. Here are some great tips for planning ahead so you can hit all of your deadlines.

Make a Schedule and Stick to It

As a blogger, it can be easy to put assignments off until “later.” But, when you keep doing that, your work never gets done.

Particularly if you write your blog from home. Every day, responsibilities like laundry and grocery shopping can easily get in the way of writing your blog. Creating and sticking to a schedule is a great way to help you stay on track and get your work done. Before you set your schedule, decide on how much you want to write and how often you want to publish. Having a concrete schedule every week will hold you accountable and help you keep your blog on track.

Make Your Calendar Your Friend

Part of hitting your deadlines is staying organized. One of the easiest ways to keep yourself organized is to use a calendar to keep track of your due dates. Even if you do not have the best project management skills, keeping track of your time will help to keep you on track. But, there is more to using a calendar effectively than simply writing down your due dates. Here are some helpful hints for getting the most out tracking your time:

  • Use just one calendar.
  • Using an electronic calendar is best.
  • Turn your emails into calendar appointments right away, then delete the message.
  • Make use of the “Notes” field in your calendar.
  • Use your calendar to invite people to meetings.
  • Book your travel time into your calendar.
  • Set reminders for yourself.
  • Schedule one big task per day.
  • Schedule your non-work related activities.
  • Use the “Private” feature to keep your personal appointments to yourself.

Plan Ahead

If you have been blogging for a while, chances are you have a good idea of the cycles your assignments come through. Whether you are busier in the summer and slower during the holidays or your work follows other trends, knowing when you will have a greater influx of work will help you plan better. As your busy periods approach, make sure you plan your time accordingly.

Create and Maintain an Editorial Calendar

One of the hardest parts about being a blogger is consistently coming up with ideas to write about. In fact, it can be stressful to have a deadline to hit and be devoid of ideas. Keeping an editorial calendar can help you avoid this problem altogether. An editorial calendar will help keep your organized, and it has many other benefits as well including helping to establish your blog’s niche and helping to keep your audience engaged.

Creating an editorial calendar is not difficult. In fact, it can be done in about an hour.

Avoid using a template, as you should have an editorial calendar that is unique to you. Here are some tips for creating a top-notch editorial calendar:

  • Create a structure that will fit your needs. The better the structure is, the more effective it will be. So, create one that is easy for you to use and makes your job easier. Some factors to consider when forming your structure include:
    • The frequency of your posts.
    • The subcategories of your niche.
    • What is important to know from each blog.
  • Plan ahead. If you can, try to plan out a month at a time. But, do not get overzealous. Planning too much more than a month in advance can become problematic.

Once you create your editorial calendar, you have to maintain it as well. Otherwise it will be useless. Here are some hints on maintaining your editorial calendar so it will keep working for you:

  • Stay flexible.
  • Keep with it.


If all else fails and you simply cannot seem to keep your deadlines, you always have the option to outsource your work. Contracting with a writing service can give you a solution for finishing the content you cannot get to. That way, you can avoid overworking yourself but still keep all of your clients happy. It can truly be your best solution.

If you are a blogger and need help keeping your deadlines, Copywriter Today can help you. Bring us the blogs you cannot get to, and we will make sure everything gets done for you on time.

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