How To Make Money With A Website Copy?

by Gabe Arnold

“Invest in yourself,” said Hyacil Han. “Your career is the engine of your wealth.” 

The idea of investing in yourself is one that applies to all career paths. If you are a business owner or marketer, you invest in yourself and your business. If you are a copywriter, you invest in yourself to sell your copy to your employers, your audience and the person you are writing for. 

No matter your job title, you have to invest in selling yourself. Copy is the best way to do so. But it feels impossible to be the best at writing copy all the time. From ad copywriting to blog copy to website copy, there is a lot that you want to perfect. 

As you know, your website is often the first point of contact that someone has with your brand. As a copywriter, it is your work that opens the door for potential customers to become a business’s paying customers. 

So let’s talk about how you can write website copy that will make you the big bucks. If you are a business owner, you’ll want to listen up too. You will soon see how effective copy can be for your company. 

What is Website CopyWhat is Website Copy?

Website copy is the words that comprise your website and all its many pages. Think of it as the narrator on your site that guides your site visitors along the digital page. It tells them what they need to know about your brand and what you stand for. If you sell products or services online, you attach a website copy to each product on each page. 

Confused about what copy is in general? Copy are the words that you use to sell. What you sell may vary. But the power of words has remained the same throughout history and will remain the same for the foreseeable future. 

As far as web copy goes, it is everywhere. Writing copy for websites does not start and end on your homepage, though it is important there too. You shape your About and FAQ pages from copy. You format your Contact Us page with copy. The list goes on. 

And you need high-quality website copy to engage with customers. Have you ever clicked on a link to buy something and found pictures with no words? Probably not. But if you have, we can guarantee that you clicked away after feeling confused and annoyed. 

Website copy engages. It compels. It drives you to action. 

Website Copy vs Copywriting

Okay, so is website copy the same as copywriting? What is copywriting? 

In a sense, yes, they are the same. You know what copy is now, even if you didn’t before. So copywriting is “copy writing.” Copywriters often freelance. But they can write for marketing or ad agencies or in a business’s marketing agency too. 

They master the craft of copywriting. That is their passion and their art. Website copy is just one of their many skills. Top-of-the-line copywriters know how to write blog posts, ad copy and e-books. They are experts at website copywriting and email newsletters. They understand the ins and outs of promotional copy, nurture campaigns and much, much more. 

In other words, web copy is a facet of copywriting. 

How Can You Make Money With Good Copy?

You may have seen some hubbub about AI copywriting recently. The idea of automatic copy right at your fingertips is intriguing, but it does not take away the power of a real, human copywriter. That can never happen. 

Think about it: Is an AI copy app going to have feelings? Experience in being a consumer itself? The ability to paint a picture that an audience can taste, smell and hear? Of course not. 

If you are an aspiring copywriter, you can follow the tips we get into below to write excellent copy that gets you lucrative gigs and a sustainable career. If you are a business owner, you can hire a copywriter or copywriting service to drive more traffic to your site that turns prospects into loyal customers. Also remember when you hire a copywriter that quality copy is not free copy.

Good, quality copy will make you money if you understand what its components are. Meaning, you want to employ fantastic writing and grammatical skills while you tell a story. It must engage your audience and align with overarching business goals and objectives. 

You also have to pair your copy with eye-catching design. Words by themselves should be powerful enough to draw in your audience. But imagine what they can do when you combine them with visual design components. 

8 Tips That Can Help You Write Web Copy That Converts Prospects Into Customers

You didn’t think we were going to leave you with the basics, did you? Below, we have eight tips on how to write effective website copy that your audience will never forget. 

Keep in mind that you want to maintain a vice grip on the style you are working with (like AP Style). Use active voice instead of passive when you write. You also want to use the right words with the right meanings and edit once you are done writing for any lingering grammatical errors. Know your brand values and the audience you want to read the copy, from head to toe. 

Now, you can get started with the fun stuff with these eight website copywriting best practices.

1. Create a Personality

Have you ever met someone who didn’t seem to have much of a personality at all when you talked to them? Bland, dry and “eh” are three words that might come to mind. 

Don’t be like that person with your copy. Instead, let your words take on a personality of their own. 

Speak your audience’s language. How old are they? What words would they use in conversation? What are they passionate about? Play on the characteristics of who will read what you write and let your tone flow naturally from there. 

2. Come Up With Interesting Headlines

Headlines are what get people to click on your website copy. 

Say that you are writing copy about exercise tips and tricks on behalf of a gym or wellness app. You could use a headline like: “Why You Should Exercise and How to Do it.” Or, you could come up with one like: “5 Easy Exercise Hacks to Lose Weight When Nothing Else is Working.” 

We don’t know about you, but we would definitely click on the second one. 

Write an Outline of Your Article

3. Write an Outline of Your Article

When copywriting, you want to leave room for creativity. You do not want to be too firm with yourself as far as how you express the message you are trying to get across to your audience. 

At the same time, you cannot go in blind. You want to spend the majority of your time researching in your writing process. Then, you can let your words flow after researching. 

The best way to stay organized while researching and before writing is to write an article outline for each piece of copy. 

4. Make Sure to Write Scannable Copy

As a rule, people are busy. They have a lot to do in their day-to-day lives. This means they are skimming, or scanning, over your copy instead of holding onto every word. 

Make your copy scannable, with key information out in the open. You can do this through breaking up your sentences and paragraphs and using headings and subheadings. Also use bullet points. When readers see a bullet point, they know your information will be valuable and easy to digest. And do not let your word count get too out of control. 

5. Include Proof and Facts

You have to build trust with your audience to succeed with your website copy. 

So to establish your credibility, include statistics and facts that you can prove. Cite your sources and use original data to support your writing. 

6. Consider SEO in Your Copy

Keywords and hyperlinks are two of the best ways you can get exposure for your copy. You will also be exposing the general site you are writing for to more traffic. 

As you write that outline we mentioned in Tip 3, add a section for the keywords you found from your research. 

7. Insert Useful Links

People are more likely to hang out on your site for longer if you provide them with useful and relevant links. 

This concept draws on SEO best practices again. You will boost your rankings in search engine results. But you will also offer valuable information to your readers. That shows them you care about them as they search for solutions with your copy, not just as statistics who contribute to your paycheck. 

Be conservative with your links, though. Google will flag content that uses too many hyperlinks. 

Add CTAs8. Add CTAs

You write copy with the intention of selling something. So remember to provide your audience with a specific action item. 

Your call-to-action (CTA) is the perfect way to do this. Maybe you want your readers to “click here” to download an e-book. You may want them to opt-in to a newsletter, sign up for a webinar, or reach out through an internal page. 

Keep your CTA short, to-the-point and actionable. 


CTAs sound fun, don’t they? 

So fun, in fact, that we have one for you right here to draw inspiration from: Click here to request your free consultation with Copywriter Today. 

At Copywriter Today, we take the pain out of content creation for all your business needs. We will get to know your brand voice and how to beat your competition in search engine results. But more than that, we want to get to know you. You are who fuels our success, and we will fuel yours even more. 

So again, let’s practice: Contact Copywriter Today right now for us to customize your own business’s copy.

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