How to Break Into Copywriting

by Gabe Arnold

Anyone who has a flair for writing can become a copywriter. Breaking into copywriting is not difficult, but it does take a little know-how. If you have good writing skills, a desire to share knowledge, and have excellent research skills, copywriting may be a good career choice. If copywriting sounds like an interesting option for you, keep reading to learn how to break into the field.

Be Educated

Being educated does not necessarily mean that you need an advanced degree. It means that you need to be educated on how to write great copy. You can learn a lot about great copywriting by searching the internet. There are lots of great articles about how to write effective copy that people will want to read. You can also seek out online courses that can get you going in the right direction.

Seek out Assignments

Do not be shy. Let everyone know that you are looking to take on copywriting assignments. Ask those people to refer you to people they know. Word-of-mouth is still a great tactic for marketing and promoting, so use it to your advantage.

Consider Doing Some Pro-Bono Work

It can be difficult to work for no pay, especially when just starting out as a copywriter. But, taking on pro-bono work can help you develop a portfolio that will lead to paying gigs. Lots of non-profit organizations utilize content marketing, and many of them cannot afford full-time marketing staff. So, they would likely appreciate some volunteer copywriting to get their work done. Contact organizations that are meaningful to you and ask if you can lend a helping hand.

Create a Portfolio

Looking for copywriting clients can be a daunting task. It can be even more taxing if you do not have something solid that proves the quality of your work. Building a portfolio of your writing is the ideal way to have something concrete you can use to sell yourself and let potential clients know what they can expect when they hire you. If you are not sure how to build a copywriting portfolio when you are just starting out in the industry, these 10 tips will help you get started.

Be Self-Confident

Copywriting can be rewarding, but it can also be cruel at times. It can be difficult to break into copywriting, and you may experience rejection along the way. But, if you have a passion for writing and know how to express ideas, keep up with it. Ignore the comments and critics who tell you that there is no money in copywriting and you would be better off pursuing a career in engineering. Remind yourself that you have the proper skills, interest and motivation, keep your chin up, ignore the naysayers and believe you are destined to succeed. If you need help finding the self-confidence you need to get started as a copywriter, click here.

Do Not Create a Niche for Yourself Right Away

There is no question that you will find topics you prefer to write about more than others. That is simply human nature. But, limiting yourself to only a few topics is a great way to miss out on assignments and extra income. Be willing to write about a broad range of topics from the outset of your career. Writing for a variety of clients over a wide range of fields will give you valuable experience in writing different types of content. This experience will help you as you progress in your career as a copywriter. After you have gained experience writing for a broad range of clients, you can then choose a specialized niche if you want to.

Sell Yourself

If you are working for yourself, you need to get out there and make a name for yourself. Otherwise, your business will never grow. Before long, people will hire you based on your reputation and likeability factor more than your writing ability. So, it is crucial to sell yourself. Plan on attending networking events, conferences and mixers so you can mingle with prospective clients.

Write About What You Know

Writing about topics with which you are familiar is helpful for those who are just breaking into copywriting. There is a good chance you will still need to do your fair share of research, but it is always easier to write about something when you have good background knowledge of it. Eventually, you will be faced with the task of writing about a topic that is unfamiliar to you. But, if you have cut your teeth on topics that are easier for you, that task will not be quite as daunting.

If you think Copywriting might be a great choice for you, check out the additional resources on the Copywriter Today website. They’ll get you going in the right direction.

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