Keys to Boost the Authority of Your Blogs Quickly

by Gabe Arnold

Writing a blog is a great way to drive traffic to your business website. But, to gain the most visitors, you must present yourself as an authority in your industry. If you are not sure how to go about achieving that reputation, here are some helpful hints that will get you going down the right path.

Study Other Authorities

As the old saying goes, imitation is the best form of flattery. When you set out to be an authority in your industry, the best place to start is to check out authority figures in other industries. After you have checked out several authoritative blogs, you will likely begin to see similarities and trends arise. It will not take long before you come up with ideas to try on your own blog.

Take a Stance

Before you can become an authority on an issue, you need to decide on your stance on it. To be a true authority, you cannot waiver from your mindset, and you cannot straddle the middle of the road. Although it can be tempting to try to please everyone, being an authority on a topic means that you stick to your guns and accept the fact that some people may disagree with you. But, being an authority also means inviting criticism. If you can defend your viewpoint, you will gain respect from both people who agree with you and those who do not.

Bring in Your Followers

Encourage people to follow you. Everyone wants something of which to belong, and you can fill that need by writing a smart blog that establishes you as an authority. Use your blog to develop an identity for your ideal audience. These people will return to you time and again, and will truly begin to see you as an authoritative source. To create a tribe of followers, you need to follow these steps:

  • Define the characteristics you are looking for in an ideal audience.
  • Give your group a fitting name to create unity.
  • Call out to them across multiple social media outlets.
  • Serve them by understanding their problems and offering effective solutions.

Show Your Sources

It is no secret that no one knows everything. Smart people will understand that some of the information you publish in your blog will have come from other sources. So, when you need to expand your reach and provide information that was generated by someone else, do not forget to give credit where credit is due. All it takes is the addition of a link to the original material. When your followers see the links, they will know that you are smart enough to reveal your source, humble enough to admit you do not know everything, and ethical enough to do the right thing.

Share Your Origin Story

Sharing your origin story can truly give you a boost of authority. Stories can be powerful motivators. Not only can they prove the hard work that you put in to get where you are, but they can also be a source of inspiration to others who are trying to make their way in the industry.

Plus, sharing your stories gives your audience ways to connect with you and build a bond. When you develop your origin story, include the following elements:

  • Struggles, hardships and other obstacles.
  • Fears you have overcome.
  • Your search to master your craft and how you learned it.
  • Your successes.

Restrict Access to Your Information

When you are an authority in an industry, people want your attention. However, if you spend your entire day responding to people who reach out to you, you will never get any other work done. So, part of accepting your position as an authority means accepting the fact that you cannot help everyone.

People assume that “experts” who do have time to help everyone are not truly experts. Otherwise, they would not have that time available. So, restricting access is a great way to let people know you are an authority. Keep your free content open for anyone to peruse. But, beyond that, create waiting lists, premium fees, and other prerequisites to give a boost to your authority.

Show off Your Skills

An important part of being an authority on a topic or in an entire industry is that you can demonstrate your skills. Use your blog to show off your skills so that your readership knows you are not all talk and no action. If your industry allows, hold a question and answer session where you can provide solutions to problems your audience brings to you. You can also create a video that takes viewers through an entire hands-on process if your area of expertise is more tactile in nature.

Establishing yourself as an authority on your blog is not difficult. It simply takes a little time and effort to get the ball rolling. If you need help establishing yourself as an authority through your blog, the staff at Copywriter Today can help you out. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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