How to Become a Better Copywriter

by Gabe Arnold

Becoming a better copywriter is not as difficult as you may think. Generally, it only takes following some simple guidelines and a splash of self-confidence to fine tune your writing skills.

After all, being an outstanding copywriter begins with knowledge. Taking yourself back to the guidelines, like the ones listed here, will help you to always be able to improve your copywriting skills.

Know the Expectations

Begin improving your copywriting skills by knowing the expectations of both the content and the reader. Understanding what your customer is looking for is the most important step in being able to write good copy.

Begin by seeing things through your customer’s eyes, many marketing executives will refer to this as creating a customer persona. Knowing what your customers’ wants and needs are will be crucial to writing compelling copy.

Know the Industry

Even as you are writing copy, you should continue to learn the many facets of copywriting. Continually read books, articles and content from reputable websites about copywriting – and then read them again if you have to.

Read blogs that interest you to learn techniques and style that you enjoy so that you can develop your own style and techniques. Heck, you could even read blogs that don’t interest you as learning those techniques and styles would make you a more well-rounded copywriter.

Practice Your Craft

To do anything well, you need to practice – and that includes writing. As you learn about techniques, try taking some time to practice writing with that technique. If you know someone who is also a writer or editor, you could bounce the practice writings off of them to see how you did.

Don’t be afraid to get some personal training either, as stated earlier, a good copywriter is made with knowledge. Reach out to that friend or find someone in your area that can provide some one-on-one training.

Know the Product

Understanding just what the “product” you’re writing about consists of is another important step in becoming a better copywriter. Do the research so you know what that product offers, and a “product” doesn’t have to be something material, it can a service as well.

“Knowing” your product means having the ability to see what problem the product solves for your customer, why they need it, and how this product is different from the others on the market. suggests watching the length of your headlines and subheadings as well. They also suggest developing an “elevator pitch” – what you could say in a short trip on an elevator to compel a person to buy your product or service.

Deliver the Content

Your content needs to address the issues your customers are having and how your product or service will help to solve those issues. Discuss the benefits and hone in on human emotion to reach your target customers. Customers generally make their purchases from their emotions, not on logical reasoning.

Your content needs to keep the reader invested as well, which can be difficult to know whether a reader wants just the facts or a bit of entertainment as well. And you can do both, you just need to know when and how much humor is acceptable.

It really comes down to what the content is about – if you’re writing a how-to guide, you should probably stick to the facts. But if you’re writing about somewhere you’ve traveled to, you can throw in some funny one-liners here and there. notes that the quality of your content is crucial to your success. That may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many articles are not of very good quality. They note that when you share content that doesn’t hold value to or “isn’t written with a specific reader in mind” you are hurting your customer.

Also noted, is that content that isn’t supportive of your overall goals, and doesn’t have a clearly written call to action will hurt your reputation and will result in the loss of customers.

Make it Count

In this world of instant gratification, it’s very important to make your content interesting all the way through. The attention span of readers is quite low these days so you need to keep your content valid, back it up with facts, and keep your sentences short.

Becoming a better copywriter doesn’t have to come with formal education. I believe there is a writer in all of us, you just have to trust yourself and release the writing beast within. Remember that knowledge is key – especially in copywriting. Know your industry, know what to expect, know your customer and know yourself and then you will become the best copywriter you can be.

Are you interested in learning how you can become a better copywriter? Contact Copywriter Today to see how we can help you to hone your skills and become the best copywriter you can be today.

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