How to Avoid Your Copywriter Nightmare

by Gabe Arnold

Copywriting needs to be dialed in. Like any marketing component, maximizing your copywriting ROI is critical. For small businesses and startups, copywriting budgets are generally limited and require close consideration to ensure you see the desired results. In many cases, copywriting becomes an ineffective headache. As a business owner, an attentive approach in key areas will help you avoid your copywriter nightmare.

Word Count

If you outsource your copywriting, you pay by the word in one way or another. Poor attention to lengthy, inefficient content is a waste of time and money. When you try to manage a content strategy on a tight copywriting budget, testing the effectiveness and pointedness of the words you use can yield real value.

Check the work coming across your desk and make sure it meets your requirements. Does it communicate everything in a way the audience can understand? Does it contain all of the necessary information? Is there too much fluff?

Long-form content is often the most effective way to fully communicate your message and you should not be afraid of using it. However, in certain circumstances, shorter pieces are easier to read and still contain all of the important content. As such, testing conversion and creating strategies to optimize the content to meet your goals is essential.

Word Use

Copywriting for digital platforms demands SEO consideration. Without a thoughtful SEO strategy, content becomes poorly ranked and rendered useless. There are a lot of different SEO tactics to employ but one of the most influential and easy-to-understand methods is keyword optimization. 

Google, Moz, SEMRush and countless other popular online resources offer a comprehensive toolkit for keyword optimization. Even the most novice marketer can use programs to identify trending keywords, keyword utilization and effectiveness for competitor keyword usage.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Quality copywriting for digital platforms is more than the words — it is the design. Testing out copy on your website can reveal poor flow, oversized paragraphs and generally lackluster design. Writing for the web is different from any other media and needs to be shortened into smaller paragraphs and paired with attractive graphics to retain attention. 

Play around with layouts if needed to find the right number of columns, optimal paragraph length and integration of visuals to enhance the experience. Plus, with so many users on mobile devices, optimizing your content for these platforms becomes equally critical. Make sure your copy is digestible and engaging on every screen.

Considering these key points can get you headed toward more cost-effective copy and improved results but there are other ways to get the most out of your copywriting. For small businesses, our services are tailored to your needs and professionally managed to eliminate guesswork and provide confidence. Contact us today for more information on our services or give us a try with your first article for free!

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